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About the app

With this plugin, it is possible for customers to offer different shipping options in BigCommerce without depending on a specific carrier.

Via the Montaportal you can activate the carriers and collection points with extra options such as: free delivery from, evening delivery, no delivery to the neighbors, sign for receipt, etc. This can be set per country, with different prices if desired. The plugin is therefore available abroad.

The plugin calculates the closest collection points based on the address details via our REST API. This can also be set per carrier (DHL collection point, PostNL collection point). Customers can then choose a collection point based on a map.

The plug-in also takes into account the current stock within Monta. For example, if a product is not in stock, it cannot be delivered tomorrow. In this case, only the carriers become available, but without a delivery date.

The customer's selected options are automatically read and posted by Monta when placing an order.

Extra information

By installing this app you create a technical link with our system. Please note: you can only get started after you have deposited your stock with us. During the installation of this app, you can ask us to contact you for more information.

Why Monta?

Monta can take care of the logistics of your webshop. We take care of the storage, picking, packaging and shipping of your webshop orders from multiple locations in the Netherlands. Your orders can be tracked in real time throughout the entire process via an online portal. In addition, we offer extensive options in the field of carriers, shipping options, packaging materials, etc. Transparency, flexibility and customer-friendliness are our spearheads. Monta is an innovative and flexible party in the field of e-fulfilment.

App Features

Easy installation and connection with Monta

The app is easy to install in your BigCommerce webshop. The app creates our own carrier in your webshop. After entering only a few settings in the carrier, you can easily connect to Montaportal and Monta's Rest API. Through this connection, shipping options can be easily retrieved, which can be shown in your checkout.

Shipping methods are always real-time and easy to adjust to your own preferences

The shipping methods are always real-time from Monta. Your preferences can be set in both BigCommerce and in Monta's Montaportal. In BigCommerce you can indicate in the carrier settings whether shipper options should be shown. In addition, you can indicate whether you want to show pickup points as a possible shipping method, and if so, how much. From the Montaportal it is possible to indicate which shippers you want available as shipping methods in the checkout.

Shipper options also possible per shipper method

Besides that you can retrieve different shipper methods from Monta, per shipper method options can be given as an option. For example, an option can be signature on receive. These are then also available to the customer in the checkout.

Customers always have real-time shipping methods in the checkout

Customers can easily choose shipping methods in the checkout, which you can adjust yourself within a short time. The customer can easily choose a shipper or a pickup point. The shipping methods are always real-time, with the current rates of all shipping methods.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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