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About the app

Benefits of video marketing

"Two-thirds of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read about it" For advertisers, this can be a huge opportunity…So stand out from the crowd with branded product videos.

Boost sales with our E-Commerce Video Maker

Activate the app. You then get a free Moovlysubscription that gives you 5 video credits

3 quick steps to create your own branded product video

  1. Choose a product - Connect your BigCommerce and Moovly accounts to have instant access to all your web-shop assets
  2. Select a template - We have specially created E-Commerce product templates for you. These can be adapted to any product!
  3. Customize video - Make your product video unique in a few clicks, and once finished, simply publish it to your E-Commerce webshop.

App Features

Connect all your products and create videos in one place

Moovly's video maker lets you connect your Big Commerce store directly from the Big Commerce portal. All your products will be connected, and you can select which product you want to make a video from.

Choose a template and modify what you want

Moovly comes with a growing collection of templates in a variety of styles, content structures, and about different types of subjects. No need to start your own video project from scratch. Select a template, and modify whatever you want: text, fonts, colors, background, music, images …

Automatic background removal

Make the background of a product transparent by selecting remove background from the customize section of the video make. This will automatically remove the background and help your product stand out in your video.

Live edit

Once you choose your product and template, you want to make a video for the video maker will generate a video preview. This gives you the opportunity to see what your video will look like before you export it. you can edit the text, and add brand colors and logos, which will all be shown live in the preview video.

Submit for review

Review and add feedback to videos - Our review and annotation feature, allows video creators to invite stakeholders, peers or test audiences to preview their Moovly video, add comments and feedback precisely to the content in an organized, time-specific manner. Strongly supporting the creative process and workflow of organizations.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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