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About the app

How Multi Source Inventory (MSI) system stands out from other inventory planners?

The app simplifies your inventory management process by:

  • Connect and manage multiple sales channels in the MSI system
  • Manage multiple warehouses right within one app
  • Compatible with POS systems, such as ConnectPOS
  • Support inventory fulfilment

Pillars of the Multi Source Inventory system


  • Manage different types of product: simple, configurable, bundle
  • Integrate and get product list from sales channels
  • Import and update product by CSV file
  • Inventory history for products
  • Multi-currencies price for each product
  • [Incoming] Customize prices for different customer groups and types
  • [Incoming] Bulk update
  • [Incoming] Customize prices for different customer groups and types


  • Manage list of warehouse
  • Setup multiple warehouses and link to online stores
  • [Incoming] View employee list by warehouse
  • [Incoming] Set up warehouse layout for allocation and order picking


  • Manage inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Sync inventory to sales channel in real-time
  • Low Stock notification
  • Transfer stock between warehouses


  • Create stocktake by location
  • Allow multiple staff working on the same stocktake
  • Overwrite and update inventory according to counted quantity

Sales orders

  • Manage list of sales order
  • Allow export, import, and send sales orders via email
  • Allow create and fulfil sales orders for multiple warehouses/ shipping addresses and select one as a default address
  • View order history
  • Refund/return sales order process
  • Allow creating a purchase order, manufacture order from sales order

Purchase orders

  • Manage list of purchase order
  • Allow export and setup template to print purchase order as PDF
  • Allow creating purchase orders for multiple warehouses/ shipping addresses
  • View order history
  • Support multi-currencies business

Supplier management

  • Manage list of supplier
  • Allow adding multiple contacts to a supplier

Manufacture order

  • Create manufacture order from sales order
  • Manage manufacture orders with status
  • [Incoming] Setup bill of materials for each product
  • [Incoming] Manage work order


  • Manage list of customer
  • Allow managing multiple shipping and billing addresses for one customer
  • Allow managing multiple customer types and groups
  • Integrate customer data from Shopify
  • Import customers by CSV


  • View list of reports for Inventory, Sales, Products,...
  • Filter and export report in CSV

Permission management

  • Manage user role and permission

App Features

  • Create, Read, Update all products
  • Sync products from other connected platforms
  • Manage multiple variants, assign different products based on variants from particular warehouses
  • Allow product-searching by barcode scanning
  • View product status from platforms (Draft/Publish/Unpublished)
  • Email users when products reach a safety threshold
  • [Incoming] Manage by serial numbers, expired dates, and product history tracking
Warehouses and Inventory
  • Sync warehouse information from connected platforms
  • Stock-mapping: Create a smaller warehouse unit to separate multiple locations
  • View and adjust inventory based on warehouses and variants
  • Real-time sync from MSI to online stores
  • [Incoming] Layout management: Support stock arranging and collecting
Stocktake and Transfer stock
  • Record manual stocktake
  • Multiple users can do stocktakes at the same time. Don't require a closed shift to perform a stocktake
  • [Incoming] Count stocks based on serial numbers, expired dates
  • Move stocks between warehouses and sales touchpoints
  • [Incoming] Manage import/export, selling, producing, and manufacturing process
  • [Incoming] Track shipping process, quantities, status, ETA and shipper
Purchase orders and Sales orders
  • View and create purchase orders
  • View and create sales orders
  • Filter the reports based on different elements, such as date, order status, etc.
  • [Incoming] Auto-generate purchase orders when reaching a fixed threshold
  • [Incoming] Follow the process of order fulfillment and delivery
Partners management
  • Create and edit the information of your partners

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