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About the app

Do you know that now you can convert your BigCommerce store into a Multi-Vendor MarketPlace for add-on benefits and revenue?

Isn't it indeed a great option to optimize your single admin store into a multi-seller store with our application named as BigCommerce MultiVendor MarketPlace, which allows you to integrate more sellers into your store where you can keep a check on their orders and sales to leverage your business revenue.

Our application would convert your BigCommerce Store into a MarketPlace, this will allow you to connect with different eCommerce sellers to sell their products within your store.

As a store admin, you have all the backend access and control on products, orders, sellers, and, seller's products. This admin access will also allow you to manage the seller's product listing on the front-end.

Our application also has the functionality to create a seller's membership plan that can be purchased at the time of registration before a seller starts to sell his products. Thereby, an admin can get the commission from each seller based on the seller's subscription plan.

App Features

Admin Access and Control Panel:

Converting your BigCommerce store into a MarketPlace is just one step away with our BigCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace Application.

Our application comes with various subscription plans for an admin to create a seller subscription plan as per his requirements. An admin can opt for any plan as per his requirement.

Once an admin chooses the "Subscription plan", he is able to develop a marketplace. Our application comes with a 10 days free trial.

Our admin subscription plan is different in terms of certain limitations from sellers and their products. You can contact our support to know more about our Seller Subscription Plans.

Through our interactive and intuitive control panel, an admin can add products, view different categories, manage orders and sales, and, take a commission without much hassle. Store owners can also earn per-sale commissions from the Sellers.

Apart from these benefits, here's a list of features that an admin can avail from his control pane dashboard:

An admin can have complete access to the seller's profile, products, and, orders.

An admin can add multiple sellers from his account.

An admin can have the access to make the seller an admin.

An admin can enable or disable Seller's admin access.

An admin can assign any product to any seller.

An admin can sync products and orders from "Bigcommerce store" to "marketplace"

Flexible and Hassle-Free Seller’s Subscription Plan:

With a "Seller plan," an admin is able to add business revenue for his store by creating various subscription plans for the sellers.

Our application will allow you to create a plan for the sellers with certain conditions and limitations on different plans. This feature will help you with add-on benefits for your store.

Apart from your commission, it will help you to get a fixed amount of the seller's plan from the sellers who want to sell their products on your marketplace. This amount will depend upon the plan, the seller has opted for. Our application also allows flexibility for the sellers to choose a plan as per their requirements.

Secondly, an admin will get a commission on each product of the seller when the seller's product is sold out. As the seller's commission plan is pre-defined by the admin, thus it will optimize the admin's time to take commission manually.

Hassle-Free Seller Payout Process:

Managing payments is an integral part of any eCommerce store or marketplace. A hassle-free Payout Process not only saves a lot of time but it will also allow you to manage multiple sellers at the same time.

Through our application, you can easily create a "Payout Process" for the seller, once a seller's product is sold out, you can easily deduct your commission and can create a "Payout" of the remaining amount that can be directly transferred to the seller without much hassle.

Actionable Seller Panel :

Our application allows you to have an actionable panel for each vendor or seller to manage their own products and panel settings. Our application allows numerous sellers to register and sell their products on an online store.

At the time of registration, a seller can choose his membership plan provided by the admin to the seller. As per the seller's requirement, he/she can opt for the plan.

After opting for a plan, a separate panel has been provided to manage the product catalog and sales. An interactive dashboard view has been provided at the seller's end to overview the product sales and offerings.

Apart from these benefits. Here's a list of features that a Seller can avail :

The seller can manage his products, orders, and, even can change the order's status.

The seller can add products from his backend.

You will be able to add a seller as an admin

You can easily enable or disable a seller's admin at any time.

The seller can request a "Withdraw" for an admin.

Hassle-Free Product Management and Approval :

Our application allows you to manage multiple products at the same time. Our product management feature is highly efficient, simple, and, secure.

With this feature, a seller will be able to add a product easily. It gives you an option for auto-approval of the product whenever a seller has added a product. If you want to approve a product manually then an admin can approve the product manually by configuring some settings. With this functionality, product approval and management become easy.

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  • Free Trial: 10 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $10.00/mo.


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