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About the app

Deliver an engaging, on-brand shipment tracking and messaging experience that drives additional revenue, reduces WISMO calls, and inspires customer loyalty. Trusted by the retail industry's best. Over 800 & counting.

App Features

Relieve your customers’ shipment anxiety

Let them know where their order is and when they will receive it. Narvar enables you to build context-aware tracking pages that inform, build anticipation and even help you mitigate expectations in case of a delay.

Build the customer experience around your brand

Don't send your customers to find information from third-party carriers. Use Narvar's beautifully-designed shipment tracking pages to keep your customers in a completely branded experience.

Proactively inform and engage customers at the right moment

Shoppers want to know when their order will arrive. So they're eager to check. Keep customers up to date with timely SMS and Email notifications that you can customize with engaging order information as well as relevant marketing offers.

Keep your promises

Deliver an estimated delivery date your customers can rely on. Leverage Narvar's vast network of carriers and order data to accurately set estimated delivery dates.

Drive customer loyalty and boost revenue

Narvar lets you easily schedule marketing campaigns, measure performance metrics, and review customer feedback to optimize the customer experience.

Case Studies

Sonos and the Sound of Higher Conversion Rates

"We found that users who touched Narvar in their post-purchase experience journey were more likely to repurchase than a typical user." Sean Knotts, Senior eCommerce Manager at Sonos

YETI Delights Customers Every Step of the Way

"With Narvar, we can give our customers the premium and authentic experience they want and expect from us while they're waiting for their products to arrive for their next adventure." Holly Dresden, Director of Global & Digital Ecommerce at Yeti

Urban Decay Cosmetics Boosts ROI By Understanding Exactly What Loyal Fans Want

"Urban Decay has earned an astonishing 725% ROI on their Narvar investment — all this from customers who are buying more while they're still tracking a package they may not have received yet!" John Perasco, Assistant Vice President of Ecommerce at Urban Decay

Finish Line Delivers the “Epic Finish” With Post-purchase

"Narvar helps make purchases easier for our consumers. It helps us be more transparent and lets our customers really get to know and trust us. And that keeps them coming back." Danielle Quatrochi, SVP of Customer Experience and Innovation at Finish Line

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