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  • Custom Price:
    $3500 Setup Fee / $2880 Yearly License

About the app

The BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite by BigSynapps is a one-stop solution for integrating BigCommerce directly and seamlessly with NetSuite ERP.
An out-of-the-box solution developed to help BigCommerce merchants integrate their eCommerce store front with NetSuite ERP.
Our solution is customizable, scalable, and 100% built natively into NetSuite by NetSuite experts.

Who is it for?

Our NetSuite ERP Connector was thought and developed with the final user in mind. In this case, BigCommerce merchants using NetSuite.

Flows included

  • Sync Customer info from BigCommerce to NetSuite
  • Sync Sales Orders from BigCommerce to NetSuite
  • Sync Items from NetSuite to BigCommerce
  • Sync Commerce Categories from NetSuite to BigCommerce
  • Sync Inventory Levels from NetSuite to BigCommerce
  • Sync Fulfillments/Shipments from NetSuite to BigCommerce

About us

BigSynapps is powered by Tavano Team, an award-winning, leading eCommerce digital agency, and long-time partner of BigCommerce and Oracle-NetSuite. Their team of NetSuite Professionals will set up the sync between BigCommerce and NetSuite seamlessly, without third-party elements.

App Features

Bundle installation
  • Setup of custom records
  • Setup of data sync
Data Migration
  • Migration of Commerce Categories
  • Migration of Price Levels
  • Migration of Inventory Levels
  • Migration of Items (Inventory, Matrix)
No third-party elements, apps, platforms, or products needed.
  • Sync BigCommerce powerful capabilities directly with your NetSuite ERP
  • Save time, money, and resources with streamlined and direct connections between the pieces of your BigCommerce eCommerce ecosystem
B2B Merchant? Get the B2B Edition Connector for NetSuite


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  • Custom Price:
    $3500 Setup Fee / $2880 Yearly License


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