• Custom Price:
    Free 30-day trial then $2 per month per 100 active users.

About the app

Passwords have become a business inhibitor for websites. 1/3 of all shopping carts are abandoned due to forgotten passwords. The SMS OTP sending 6-8 numbers to an email address or smartphone adds to the user frustration. Online visitors need a simple and secure way to register and return to your website.

Online visitors will register and keep returning if the experience is easy and engaging. Identité offers a PasswordFree™authentication solution that can be added to your website in one click. The NoPass™ app integrated to your website will offer your visitors the easiest and most secure method of registration and authentication. No credit card is required to sign up and you receive a free 30-day trial. After the trial, you can purchase a monthly subscription based on the number of active users. Control your costs by paying only for unique users that log in once a month.

Key features and benefits:

  • all user activity is logged and accessible via the app settings
  • get to know your customers with online customizable reports
  • online users register and authenticate without a password in seconds
  • mobile-friendly process using biometric
  • phishing-resistant with patented Full Duplex Authentication®

Pricing: Free 30-day trial then $2 per month per 100 active users.

App Features

One-click installation and set up

By clicking the option to add the app, a PasswordFree™ registration and login dialogue is added to your website. No coding or security expertise is needed.

Simple and secure PasswordFree™ Multifactor Authentication

Your online visitors will not be burdened with difficult authentication steps such as password or SMS OTP. Users will be protected against phishing with our patented Full Duplex Authentication®. A simple mobile app will guide your online visitors through authentication and prevent them from being tricked into visiting impersonators websites.

Pay as you go service

Control your costs by paying only for the active users each month. You only pay once for each unique user even if that user logs in multiple times. If a user only visits a couple of times a year then you only pay for the months they visit.

Zero Infrastructure

Let us worry about operating systems, availability and compatibility. You get to focus on customer acquisition and retention.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free 30-day trial then $2 per month per 100 active users.


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