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About the app

Nudgify increases your sales and improves the customer journey with powerful notifications ("Nudges").

Pick from a library of Nudges to show recent orders (sales pop), show which products are selling out, and install a free delivery pop-up.

Because Nudges show your customers REAL data from your store, they create irresistible Social Proof, FOMO and Urgency. It's all automatic, and you can see how each Nudge is boosting your sales with built-in analytics.

How Do Nudges Increase Sales / Improve UX?

You simply choose from the Nudge Library and place your Nudges on any page. Nudgify shows live data, so customers can see how busy your store is or how much of a product is left in stock. This increases your sales automatically.

You can choose where to place Nudges and what kind of message to show. That way, you engage customers at every stage of their purchase, reducing your bounces and abandoned carts.

You can even create your own custom Nudges, giving your customers helpful tips, making recommendations or talking them through a sign-up process

The Nudge Library

  • Popularity Nudge - Show how many people have viewed the product recently, building trust and credibility effortlessly
  • Recent Sales Nudge - Get a sales boost every time someone places an order. Create Social Proof automatically and encourage cross-sells
  • Low Stock Nudge - Give your customers real data from your stock room, increasing their desire to buy
  • Selling Fast Nudge - Tell your customers when a product is likely to sell out, so they stop procrastinating and click "Buy"
  • Order Soon Nudge - Show your customers the deadline for a delivery date and tell them how long they have left to place the order
  • Free Delivery Nudge - Set a target total for free delivery and encourage your customers to add to their basket
  • Custom Nudge - Write your own message and add it to any page. Upload a picture, add a link, or introduce an offer

More Than a Simple Social Proof App

Nudgify was built to increase your sales and sign-ups AND improve customer experiences. Direct online shoppers to what they are looking for and where you want them to go.Great Alternative to Sales Pop, Provesource, Fomo, Bizzy, Nudgify, Fera (Banana Stand), Credible, Recently, Show Recent Orders, Consistent Cart, Nextsale, Yotpo, and other Social Proof & FOMO apps.

App Features

Every type of Nudge in the Library
  • Popularity Nudge
  • Recent Sales Nudge
  • Low Stock Nudge
  • Selling Fast Nudge
  • Order Soon Nudge
  • Free Delivery Nudge
  • Custom Nudge
Built-In Analytics

Keep track of your visits, views, interactions and assisted conversions

Themes and Colours

Customize your Nudges to match your brand

Available in 25+ Languages

Choose which one you need and start Nudging straight away

In-App Chat Support

Talk to us in the live support chat — we're here and happy to help you make the most of your Nudges

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