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About the app

AI Chatbot for eCommerce sales, support, surveys, and user engagement.

Ochatbot BigCommerce module assists customers to make a purchase, handle support issues, and overcome sales obstacles. Ochatbot engages customers by surveying them, gathering contact information, and providing insightful reports of the conversations. Installation is simple and imports all your product SKUs on setup.

  • Fast and easy setup by importing all your product SKUs
  • Chat window shows product text and pics and directly adds to cart
  • Customers who use Ochatbots are more likely to purchase and have higher sales revenues
  • The shopping assistant AI chatbot asks questions and directs them to the product they need quickly simplifying archaic and complex navigation
  • Includes other engagement tools like exit intent popups, mobile banners, offers sliders and more
  • Create your Ochatbot yourself for free, or with our Pro plan you can have your Ochatbot built for you to your specifications

Average sales revenues increase 15% to 35% when customers engage with Ochatbot

Pro Plan eCommerce Guarantee - We Guarantee Results. Contact us for more details.

By quickly overcoming customer buying obstacles and assisting them to the right product we see a lift in order revenues when they engage with Ochatbot. Ochatbot also shows product images and text and allows them to be added to the cart directly from the chat window reducing the time to find products and add them to the cart.

Ochatbot requires no programming

The easy no code setup connects all of your product SKUs into Ochatbot on installation. The shopping assistant presents product images, text, and price with options to view more details or add to cart directly.

Natural Language Processing

Ochatbot can answer questions outside of a particular topic naturally, jumping from one topic to another like a human. For example, it can answer a question about a particular service or product, including questions about returns or guarantees. Ochatbot picks up the conversation from where the customer left off from their last conversation.

Awesome Support

We are not satisfied unless you are. We know your expertise may be in the product you sell not the details of your eCommerce website, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and other engagement tools. So don't hesitate to contact us for questions.

Ochatbot Price: Free

App Features

Ochatbot Features

Ochatbot reporting provides marketing insights

These insights indicate the obstacles that are getting in the way of your customers making a purchase. The reporting also helps in training the AI so Ochatbot is always learning.

The Ochatbot Engagement Question Module

Ochatbot allows you to create any type of branching conversation you may have with your customers to answer their questions and get around sales obstacles to purchase quickly.

Page Targeting

Engage visitors with the right questions and the right time of the buyer's journey. Increase revenues by removing obstacles and answer customers questions at the right time such as on a product page rather than at checkout.

The Ochatbot Shopping Assistant Module

Ochatbot allows quick input for all the FAQ type questions your visitors have. Ochatbot can answer questions about products, warranties, returns, etc., which will reduce the number of calls live agents have to take. You can even present images and video to demonstrate products.

The Survey Module

Survey your customers to learn who they are, where they came from, and what they are looking for. This, in combination with the Ochatbot reporting, provides deep customer insights.

Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows

Connect to 1000's of CRM and email systems with a Zapier connection. This can be used to enter emails into your drip email campaigns as well as connecting to your support systems.

Bonus Engagement Tools

Exit Intent User Triggered Pop Ups and Mobile Banners

Exit Popups detect when a user is about to leave your site and prompts them with an offer or lead magnet. This technique increases conversion rates significantly. The popups can also be triggered by other user actions. Mobile banners engage on cell phones. Mobile banners provide a Google-safe, non-intrusive way to offer promotions.

Offer Sliders & Tabs

Offer Sliders and Tabs are an easy way to keep users on your site by redirecting them and to purchase with coupons and other offers. Offer sliders can be reopened later at checkout so users don't have to ask support what the coupon code was.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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