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About the app

What is an Odoo Retail Solution by Novobi?

This all-in-one retail-focused ERP takes retail and manufacturing business operations from automation to a complete digital transformation. Novobi architected this solution, complementary to your BigCommerce store, to be The Retail Solution for a New Era. This system allows unlimited integrations for omnichannel efficiency, high-performance inventory, fulfillment, and more to help you grow your sales and optimize your business workflow one app at a time.

Who needs an Odoo Retail Solution?

Companies looking to improve their workflow efficiency and scalability need this solution. Whether you are a new seller seeking ways to scale up quickly or an already competitive high-volume, multi-channel retailer, Novobi can customize this solution to meet your business's unique needs.

What can be expected from an Odoo Retail Solution?

Since Odoo Retail Solution's base design is a pre-built Novobi customization on top of the Odoo framework, clients can expect:

  • Faster implementation, going live as early as 1-2 months
  • A base design with core functionalities essential for retail and manufacturing businesses and can accommodate further optimizations now or in the future.
  • System performance and build comparable to traditional ERPs without the hefty price tag

App Features

Connect Inventory and Warehouse Management for BigCommerce

Manage your inventory and fulfillment lifecycle with flexible support for in-house or 3PL/FBA workflows, a barcode system, return and refund management, and full integrations with ShipStation, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Take your business automation to the next level with customizable workflows across multiple business units. For example, a sales order can trigger a drop shipping, purchasing, or manufacturing process.

Streamline Retail Accounting for Your Business

Utilize a GAAP standard Accounting system with built-in budget planning and cash flow forecasting for data-driven decisions. Access important financial data in real-time with integrated Inventory, Sales, Payroll, Expenses, and more.

Monitor Your Business Performance with BI Dashboard

Gain insights about your customers and see how their behaviors change over time with interactive BI dashboards. Compare trends such as New Customers, Lost Customers, Customers By Region between different date ranges to guide you during strategic planning.

Optimize Your Retail Operations with Smart Inventory

Get more out of your inventory system with built-in Data Analytics engine, demand forecasting, and numerous analytics and automation features. Easily manage overstock and understock levels with auto reordering, purchase quantity and schedule recommendations, robust inventory reporting, and more.

Add Manufacturing, HR, and More to BigCommerce

Achieve operational excellence with integrated management of CRM, Marketing, POS, Customer Support, HR, Payroll, and 20,000+ apps on the Odoo app store to boost your system. Enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one system that supports multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-currency, multi-language, or multi-channel enterprise. Develop more apps or customize existing ones to make this system a perfect fit for your business.

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