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About the app

About Okinus
  • Okinus is a no credit required option and does not rely on credit scores
  • Easy, guided application steps
  • Real-time approvals
  • Approvals up to $12,000, depending on product value
  • Low and no-money-down initial payment options
  • Early buyout options available
  • Okinus services the customer's lease directly
  • Chat and phone support

App Features

Easy Automated Payments

Scheduled, automated customer payment plan payments, with payment by credit card or ACH.

Flexible Payment Options

Increase sales reach and volume by offering various no-down-payment or low-down-payment financing options to customers.

Early Payoff Options

Allow customers to pay off early to save on financing fees.

No Credit, Bad Credit Offerings

Increase sales to your no credit or bad credit customers.

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  • Custom Price:
    See website for pricing info


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