Olark Live Chat

Client Reviews (8)


Olark Live Chat makes it easy to increase your sales using the power of live chat. You can view the cart contents for each visitor and offer upsells and special offers based on what they’re buying. Real-time chat and monitoring of your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber.


  • Chat inside your IM client
  • CRM Integration & Transcripts
  • Beautiful & Customizable
  • Reports & Statistics

Client Reviews (8)

This app simply works by Besim http://www.iradaarts.com
I am currently using it on 3 sites and the ROI has been great. It's very simple to setup and use. It also integrates perfectly with Google Analytics providing you very detailed stats on the effectiveness of it. Plus their customer service is great.
excellent by John
super easy to install and use. the biggest plus to me is seeing all the information about the visitors to your site even if you don't engage them in conversation. I have found that people don't want to be bothered while surfing a site, generally speaking. I used to to send a quick "Hello welcome to our site I'm here to help" note when someone arrived on my site but I either got no response or they would just leave the site. I suspect they felt like they were being watched so they didn't feel as comfortable. Not really sure the reason but initiating conversation on my end never panned out; However, this app makes it easy for when your prospective customer has an issue or questions and you can walk them through it. Sales conversions are over 90% when a customer initiates contact through Live Chat in my experience. Finally, regarding the information you get when someone visits your site is invaluable and real time. OLark tells you how they found your site, whether it was an organic visit, or from a web browser search. OLark tells you how many times this person has visited your site, shows a history of what pages they are viewing, how long they're on your site, their location. It's really cool and so easy to use. I'm really impressed.
by Debbie http://shopwithcarolinagirl.com
The Olark team spent hours on the phone with me this evening working through a problem that was not even theirs. They tweaked and added some things that really helped. Super customer service. Thanks Guys!
by Joi http://www.hairizonbeauty.com
I LOVE this app. It gives our mom & pop store a professional appearance. IM's from clients come to my gmail account and cell phone when I am on the go. One of the best apps and I'm only using the free option.
by sam
Very reliable app...works very well
by Ruth http://www.loveitloveitloveit.co.uk
Great app. Every single conversation I've had via Olark has converted (bar one who came via my developer's site, so I knew he was just seeing how things worked). It has been brilliant for addressing customer questions or concerns that they probably wouldn't bother to email or phone about, meaning that they buy rather than wander off. The ability to see in real time who's on your site, what they're looking at and where they were referred from is a bonus too. An upgrade to the white-label package would be great, but like Kevin I think the next level pricing is a bit steep.
by Kevin
This is a good introductory live chat app. It works, is simple to configure, and works with a variety of chat platforms. I've got it integrated with Google chat through my gmail account. It was some great features -- and allows real-time monitoring of visitors in addition to standard chat features. I wish the 2nd tier of pricing was a bit less expensive, otherwise, very well done.
by Andy lakatos http://Www.Barchefs.com
Excellent app! Has helped make money and solve issues.