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About the app

Optty unlocks direct access to the world's BNPL providers through a single integration. Today, Optty integration includes direct access to 50+ BNPL providers in 59 countries and 36 currencies, all you need is your commercial agreement with the provider and you'll be up and running in 2 simple clicks.

Optty is the world's first independent & agnostic global Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) integration technology. The Optty app is free and comes loaded with features to give retailers the power to effectively manage their BNPL and alternative payment methods.

Optty's mission is to supercharge the performance of retailers by optimising the entire shopping & checkout experience, giving customers more choice, & maximising conversion rates.

Whether you are new to BNPL opportunities, looking to expand your BNPL operations across more partners &/or regions, or wanting to gain more control over your BNPL operations - Optty is the fit for you.

Get started by activating BNPL payments through Optty by creating your Optty account, and configuring checkout settings through the BigCommerce Dashboard (settings > payments > Optty). Next, install the Optty BNPL Banner App to access Product Listing, Product Detail, and Footer widgets - including full WYSIWYG widget customization control. (Use of the Optty Widgets App requires Optty checkout configuration).

Sign up to get started at https://www.optty.com/merchant-account.

To contact us for support, visit https://www.optty.com/contact.

App Features

One-to-many integration
  • Through a single integration, you have access to the entire suite of Optty's global BNPL partners (50+ and still growing!)
  • BNPL application: Step by step instructions with direct links to apply for BNPL providers.
Customisation control
  • With the Optty BNPL Banner App, use the Optty Retail Control Centre, customise your product pages with full control. Drag BNPL providers up or down to prioritise them in your product pages, insert on-site BNPL Logos with clear call to action elements, and easily activate or deactivate BNPL providers as needed.
Integrate new or existing BNPL relationships within minutes
  • Install the Optty BNPL Banner App and set up your product pages, footer & listing pages to the BNPL's requirements with our simple to use Optty Retail Control Centre.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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