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About the app

WeSupply is your one-stop post-purchase CX automation platform, built for retail. Our solution enables retailers to reduce their customer support tickets with pre-purchase delivery prediction, automated shipping tracking, proactive notifications, and self-service returns.

With over 1000+ carrier integrations, we are committed to connecting you with the best last-mile couriers, freight services, and white-glove delivery providers.

You'll be able to increase your team's workload capacity by 20% by enabling customers to initiate returns, mitigate return shipping anxiety with proactive notifications, and cut down the number of support tickets.

You can increase profitability by up to 95% by promoting a culture of self-service, easily transforming product returns into profitable exchanges, and boosting sales with online store credit.

You'll be also able to gather all data into one platform to save up to 15 hours per week on support tickets and build a foundation that allows true data-driven decision-making.

Our platform in numbers: 23% reduction in customer service costs, 66% open rate for email notifications, 21% CTR for email notifications, and 32% increase in customer satisfaction.

App Features

​Order Tracking Management

Bring all of your order tracking data under one roof and save hours of unproductive work, emailing customers back and forth.

Delivery Notifications

Gain the trust of your customers & reduce "Where Is My Order?" by proactively notifying them through SMS and email notifications.

​Estimated Delivery Dates

Set the appropriate expectations from the start with estimated delivery dates to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

Self Service Returns

Increase your team's workload capacity by 20% by enabling customers to initiate returns & mitigate return shipping anxiety.

Post-Purchase Analytics

Gather all data into one platform so that customer care reps don't have to switch between apps, and save precious billable hours.

Case Studies

J.McLaughlin: Managing Split Shipments While Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

Removing post-purchase order tracking & returns ambiguity with WeSupply Order Tracking and Split Shipment Management.

London Drugs: Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World

Creating seamless pickup and curbside experiences while helping customers stay updated with proactive delivery notifications.

Auto Rim Shop: No More Tiring Support Tickets for Heavy Weight Orders and Returns

Auto Rim Shop automates the delivery and return experience for heavy orders fulfilled by and returned directly to dropshippers.

Vintage King Combats Supply Chain Issues with Proactive Communication

Vintage King accesses all shipments in one dashboard that displays all package statuses and estimated delivery dates, all in one single platform.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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