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About the app

Do you know your true profit after COGS, ship costs, ad spend and other variable costs?

Or which ad campaigns, products and orders make the least and most profit?

OrderMetrics offers easy-to-use Profit Analytics & Marketing Attribution for your store.

OrderMetrics is an e-commerce analytics platform that pulls in data from sources such as Bigcommerce, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, ShipStation and more to automate the process of reporting your profit margin in real-time:

  • Discover your highest and lowest profit orders
  • Find inefficiencies with discounts & product pricing
  • Identify poor performing ad campaigns by LTV
  • See which shipping methods are most and least profitable
  • Customer & product profitability metrics

Accurate Product Costs (COGS)

  • Enter COGS for each product, variant, or SKU
  • Quickly upload cost data by SKU/product name via a spreadsheet
  • Enter cost data right into our dashboard OR estimate COGS as a % of each product's sale price
  • Track historical product cost (COGS) changes over time.

Use AliExpress?

Automatically pull product and shipping costs from AliExpress, match these costs with your Bigcommerce orders, and import them right into OrderMetrics for analysis. This integration also tracks pricing changes from your suppliers.

Run Profitable Ads

OrderMetrics pulls in your Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords data in real time to see how your ad spend affects profitability. Using multiple Facebook Ad accounts for individual or multiple storefronts? No problem, OrderMetrics handles that.

Additionally, filter Facebook Ad spend by Campaign, Ad Set, and specific ads. You can use this filter in combination with our product filtering system to report exactly how much profit you are making from product focused Facebook Ad campaigns.

Accurate Shipping Costs

OrderMetrics reports back your real shipping costs (not estimates or shipping amount charged) and combines them with your cost of goods and order data to analyze profit. Currently we support the following shipping sources for pulling in shipping costs in real time:

  • Shipstation
  • Shipping Easy
  • Shippo
  • Shipwire
  • Shiphero
  • AliExpress.

Missing your shipping integration? No problem! We offer multiple ways to import costs from your system of choice.

See this video for more info on shipping - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=060sXnMYnQI

Quickly copy and paste shipping costs for thousands of orders at a time using our easy-to-use tool that acts like a spreadsheet. This tool then automatically matches up each pasted shipping cost to their respective order.

Accurate Transaction Fees

OrderMetrics pulls in all of your payment gateways and allows you to edit transaction fees for each one. These fees are then applied to each order to calculate profitability at the most detailed level.

Additionally, add Custom Costs such as:

  • Influencer marketing spen
  • App/software fees
  • Payroll and more.

Try a 14-Day Free Trial. Pricing starts at $59 / month

App Features

Real-time profit monitoring

We calculate Net Profit for your store in real time - after FB & Google Adwords spend, Amazon data, COGS, shipping costs, custom costs, and more

Complete Automation

We automatically pull in financial data from all of your sources. No more manually updating spreadsheets!

Discover Marketing & Operational improvements

Dive deep to see which orders, Ad campaigns, shipping costs, and products are making the most profit. Make changes to poorly performing campaigns and configurations

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting at $59 / month


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