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About the app

Ease The Process Of Orders Handling

Orders Analytics gives BigCommerce store owners and staff a great analytical dashboard that combines speed, customers experience, engagement, good impression, optimization and simplicity in one friendly application.

Vision and Main Targets

Enhance customer experience, help store owners and customer support team.

Increase store conversion rate, ease the process of handling orders and improve the quality of customer support service.

We can add new custom features to the app upon request, just let us know what features you are looking for at


How Orders Analytics Works

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App Features

App Features

Orders Public Tracking System

Allow to add public tacking pages, generate orders tracking numbers, adding and updating additional custom notes per each order status, additionally help support team by decreasing the basic customers calls that related to ask about their orders status.

Recent Purchase Notification

Allow to display recent orders customizable notification popup boxes on your store for prospective customers and visitors about recent purchase instantly in real-time, which booster your sales by increase conversion rate by highlighting other customers that have bought products and give a unique impression about the website turnout.

Exporting and Filtering Functionalities

Very fast exporting functionality for all modules and tables in different formats such as CSV, XLSX, JSON and XML. Group and filter orders by customers, geo-locations and orders status based on a given date ranges.

Support Team Friendly

The ease of reaching customers details quickly in one single page such as customer message, staff notes, customer country, IP, etc.. save support team time and improve their performance and give good impression about the quality.

And more functionalities and updates (*)

* We add new features to Orders Analytics app regularly.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $2.00/mo.


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