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About the app

Ortto empowers brands to grow, by enabling them to understand and make meaningful connections with their audiences at every step of the customer journey — creating easier, clearer, more rewarding experiences.

App Features

Target the audiences that matter most
  • When you connect your customer data we'll unlock a single view of your customer and help you understand which audiences you should be targeting across the customer lifecycle.
  • Switch ON campaigns to target subscribers, customers, abandoned carts, Customers waiting on stock, repeat customers, abandoned browsers and VIP customers.
Send highly personalized omnichannel messages
  • Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time with omnichannel journeys and marketing campaigns designed to drive growth across the customer lifecycle.
  • Automate messages at every stage of the journey to recover abandoned carts, turn browsers into customers and welcome subscribers.
  • Orchestrate email, pop ups and retargeting messages. Deliver the right message, on the right channel at precisely the right time.
Turn insights into action with advanced analytics
  • Take action on insights you uncover from your customer data platform using reports and dashboards.
  • A simple and visual report builder can answer questions that span multiple data sources, for example "Which UTM campaign led to the most orders?".
  • Build funnels and cohorts that show every step of your marketing funnel. See drop off points in the customer journey and take action to increase conversion rates.
  • Combine all of your needle moving metrics on a single dashboard. Easily set goals and share dashboards with your whole team.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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