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About the app

Automotive Site Search, Reimagined

Proven to Increase Conversion Rate and Revenue by combining site search and year make model into one seamless platform

PartsLogic gives you complete control of the buyer's journey

  • Suggestive Search Bar visually returning Categories, Brands, & Products
  • Search Results page including Fitment Search and Facet Filters
  • Available Stand-alone Fitment Selector for users to find products that fit their application, such as Year, Make, Model
  • Available Fitment Verifier embedded on PDP for users to verify the product fits their application.
  • Synonyms to tailor search results w/out the need to update your catalog data.
  • Boosting Rules to promote (or demote) the products you want to sell more of.

App Features

Search that Makes Sense

Fully suggestive search bar allows users to search multiple ways: with full or partial names, synonyms, numbers, typos and more.

Autocomplete Search

Site search bar features auto-complete to make it easy for users to search anything.

Product Fitment & Facet Search

Suggestive search that can recommend products based on previous searches, vehicle fitment, facets, brands & more.

Synonym Search

Users can search for products using the terms they're already familiar with. Truck bed cover or tonneau cover? They both return the same search results

Promote with Boosting Rules

Create sort order rules to set the product priority within search results. Show top selling products, most relevant categories, user-favorites and more.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starting a $299 / month


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