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About the app

Analyze your business, Export your data

Tired of hours or days wasted downloading, correlating, and manually building reports that are not reliable? Offload your data management & reporting to our analytics platform & dedicated engineering team that will help you build robust reports with easy exporting.

Free Custom Reports

Have you run into a roadblock around accessing SKU, Customer Groups, tax reporting, or just can't find that important bit of information you need to complete your analysis? PayHelm helps thousands of businesss build custom reports that angle into the data you need to save time & money analyzing your growth.

The Cost of Limited Data

You have a business to run which should not include building a data management tool. Access ready made reporting used by thousands of companies out-of-the-box. We know what information you need to succeed and we've built the report you need already.

If you can measure it you can grow it

How are you expected to grow your business if you can't analyze every aspect of it. Do you have a special free product/SKU that is hard to report on, top performing sales people that need extra reporting, or a SKU that is different than the rest. Access detailed reports that break out how your business is performing so you can make changes to how you market or manage your business.

Integration & Connect your Data

Connect Google Ads, Google Looker, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, PayPal, Google Analytics, Stripe, Braintree, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, USPS, FedEx, ShipStation, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Salesforce (SFDC), Google Drive, Omnisend, FTP, Wix, and many more.

How PayHelm Works

Once you install PayHelm we automatically import your history 5 years into the past. We make up to 7 data calls to the BigCommerce data system to import, correlate, and analyze your data to ensure all aspects of reporting are possible & consistently accurate.

If you need a specific field or bit of data added we can do that free of charge, no worries or custom quotes from a sales rep.


Free: free up to $10,000/m in sales

Professional: $25/m for up to $50,000/m in sales

Business: $50/m for up to $200,000/m in sales

Enterprise: $75+/m for over $200,00/m in sales

App Features

Products Reports:
  • Analyze your products by total sales, orders, avg. price, gateway fees, product cost, profits, & more.
  • Filter your sales data by various time frames and compare performance
  • Drill into your data by keyword and analyze all product performance by that filter
  • Analyze product sales by variant, SKU, Brand
  • Filter or report by product details like size, mix, model, brand, ounces, etc.
Customer Reports
  • See which customers purchase the most
  • Know which customers drive the most profits
  • See a customers purchasing behavior over the last 5 years in a trend
  • Dive into any aspect of your customers data
Tax Reports
  • See your taxes paid broken down by country or state
  • Trend taxes over time for any customer, customer group, marketing campaign, or custom data tag
  • Know which products are the most profitable given any tax rate
Marketing Performance
  • Analyze referral or paid search performance
  • Know which campaigns convert best and are the most profitable
  • See which customers come in through which campaigns
  • Catch referral sources you didn't know existed
  • Closed loop attribution available on any report
Advanced Filters
  • Filter into each linked account
  • Drill into Product Options, Custom Fields, Brand, SKU, Vendor, Product Type
  • Analyze inventory based on tags, collections, or account
  • See sales, fees, profits by payment status, currency, buyer country, buyer state
  • Analyze sales from channels that use Codisto, inkFrog, CEDCommerce
  • See data from ShipStation including shipping label cost, shipping insurance, and related shipping info

Case Studies

find almost any piece of data
"When we came to BigCommerce, we quickly realized that crucial data we needed to see on a daily basis just wasn't there, or wasn't there in an easily usable or accessible format. For us, we needed to see daily sales volume on the fly, but also have the ability to drill down and see product and order details and make sensible comparisons. With PayHelm, we can find almost any piece of data we're looking for and export robust reports that tell us what we need to know to make the best decisions for marketing and procurement." — Tad Roberts, Co-Owner & President, RC Hobby Explosion

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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