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About the app

Increase your revenue and boost average order value overnight — without a designer or developer! Native Upsell will help you creating targeted product upsell pop-ups for your store.

Why Native Upsell?

  • We proud to be nominated as in top 3 APAC Growth solution for BigCommerce merchant 2021.
  • We continuous updating the app for new features, new conversion-tested upsell templates, fix issue,...
  • We have a "forever free customization service" for any stores.

Latest released (Jan 28th 2023)

  • Improving performance for upsell popups in the Cart page
Upsell / Cross-sell concept:

Native Upsell provides proven concepts of making an upsell / cross-sell:

  1. Upsell / cross-sell products based on the cart content or total amount / quantity (offering deals and gifts when the cart total exceeds certain value / quantity).
  2. Upsell / cross-sell specific products based on specific "trigger products".
  3. Upsell / cross-sell bundle products (frequently bought together).
  4. Run different types of promotions:
    • Buy One - Get One Free
    • Buy One - Get 50% Off
    • Spend over $100 - Get free shipping
    • Spend over $200 - Get 20% discount
    • and many more....
  • Track sales via our detailed report. Analyze stats to optimize your upsell campaign.
  • Popup design optimize for Mobile experience.
  • Display product price in FullVAT or exVAT.
  • Automatically change the currency base on your customers' location (exclusive).
  • Show different product pictures based on the variant your customers choose (exclusive).
  • Live chat support 20 hours/day.

Curious for a demo:

Check it out at:

App Features

Fully control of where/when to upsell:
  • When customers click "Add to cart" button (Product page)
  • When customers visit (Cart page, Checkout Page)
  • When customers just finish their order (thankyou page)
Fully control the Look & Feel of your upsell offers:
  • Well researched pre-made templates that will suit all of your industries.
  • Easy to customize the appearance of your offers (color, content,...) to match your brand. We also provide a free customize service.
  • Work seamlessly with 99% of all BigCommerce themes.
  • Super easy to setup. No coding or theme editing required.
Built by marketers to serve marketer's needs
  • Super mobile friendly. Optimized for all screens, thumb sizes, preferred hands,...)
  • Automatic convert currency for your customers based on their location.
  • Intuitive product variant selector.
  • Addition sale boosters for your offer to increase CVS (countdown timer, cart scarcity,....)
  • Never affect your store's loading speed at anytime, even on high traffic.
Dedicated support and custom services
  • Live chat support 20 hours/day.
  • Free custom services for our clients (this is what we are famous for)
  • Update app feature based on clients request every month.
  • Contact us via email:
  • Contact us via telegram:

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $14.90/mo.


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