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About the app

Skyrocket Conversions & Engagement With Personalize!

Personalize is an AI-powered personalization tool that reveals the products or services your contacts are MOST interested in, so you always send the right content at the right time.

It's not enough to engage contacts based on a page they visited one time. You need AI to evaluate all the behavior of your web visitors and tell you exactly what to market to them.

Learn the top interests of your contacts to:

  • Create dynamic one-to-one hyper-personalized emails
  • Skyrocket email open and click rates by 100%
  • Increase email revenue
  • Gain real-time insights your sales team can use to better sell & prospect
  • Prospect on social media with the exact product your customer wants

App Features

Track Customer Interests in Real-Time

Personalize analyzes page views, time on page and visit recency to rank the interests of your contacts in real-time. Track interest data from a central dashboard.

Always Send the Right Content with Highly Personalized Dynamic Emails

Integrate Personalize with your ESP or CRM to create personalized emails that dynamically pull in each contacts' top interest.

Stay on Top of Prospects’ Top Interests in Your Sales and Marketing

Seeing contacts' top interests in real-time means sales can better align messaging to make campaigns more effective. Your sales team has constant access to the top 3 products and services to discuss in their conversations with prospects.

Promote the Right Products and Services on Social Media

Create lists based on "Top Interest" categories. Use these lists as audiences for Facebook Ads to show hyper-personalized ads to your contacts for the products they want to see right now.

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  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.00/mo.


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