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About the app

Pimberly is a SaaS based Product Information & Digital Asset Management platform (PIM/DAM) with a free, in-house connector to BigCommerce individual and multi-store front platforms.

The central database of all things product data and digital assets. Ingest product content & digital assets from any source systems (spreadsheets, ERP, MLP, suppliers, OMS etc). Then validate, transform and enrich this data into a 'single source of truth' or 'golden record'.

From there, automate the distribution of this data to unlimited sales channels - website, print, marketplaces etc. Scope and personalize your brand's tone of voice to each channel with ease and simplicity.

In short, Pimberly helps retailers and brands to:

  • Drive multiple BigCommerce stores, or store fronts, from one Pimberly instance
  • List, add and amend millions of SKUs in hours not weeks, reducing time to market and increasing market agility
  • Eradicate incomplete and inaccurate product data driving customer retention and confident consumers
  • Automate the whole product data process saving time, money and resources
  • Rapidly expand into new geographies and new marketplaces, at no extra cost
  • Handle complex data structures with ease and simplicity

Pimberly's competitive pricing model supports customers on a path to business growth and is visible at Charging only by SKU count and users, our customers are free to open up unlimited sales channels across international borders at no extra cost.

Customers include JD Sports, Harvey Nicholls, Monsoon, Regatta, Cotton Traders, Boden, Gill, Ellis Brigham, Footasylum, Sigma Equipment and Blair Technology.

App Features

1) Pimberly Feeds

Feeds allow external systems to push product data into the PIM. This integration is enabled via the API or by monitoring external locations. Including (S)FTP sites, URL's and Amazon S3 buckets. Importing the relevant file containing up-to-date product information.

To help improve product time to market, our intuitive data mapping allows users to quickly import a variety of data structures, without needing to adapt and manipulate spreadsheets or raw files. Simple drag and drop functionality enables users to map different data attributes into Pimberly.

Additionally, feeds can be configured to run on a predetermined schedule (i.e. monthly, weekly, daily or every x minutes). Automation ensures you are consistently using the latest version of product information, reducing the risk of error and time spent manipulating data.

Pimberly supports unlimited Feeds and Channels as part of their cost model:

2) Pimberly Channels

Channels will automate the publication of product data to multiple platforms, including eCommerce websites, marketplaces and resellers. Any updates made to a product in Pimberly can be published immediately or on a predetermined schedule. This enables you to easily reach new markets and respond faster to change.

Each channel can be configured for a specific language or tone of voice. Pimberly uses scoping and localisation to store multiple versions of a product record. This streamlined approach enables you to quickly expand into new international markets providing customers with relevant product information.

Pimberly supports unlimited Feeds and Channels as part of their cost model:

3) Workflow Feature

Workflow rules are used to enhance and automate manual operations wherever possible. Typically, this can include data transformation, communication amongst user groups and automate product publishing.

The workflow feature allows you to perform any logic-based decisioning against your data. This translates to ensuring you have the relevant users working on products at the right time. The individual workflows can trigger email alerts, notifications and approval requests. This helps to give clarity of the work ahead as notifications can effectively generate a task list for users to complete.

4) Lifecycle Feature

Lifecycles ensure that all aspects of product information meet defined criteria for completeness, validation and accuracy. This means that only optimised content can be released to specific channels, avoiding the possibility of missing or incomplete data being published. These rules provide data governance, only allowing a product to move to the next stage when the conditions are met.

The dashboard in Pimberly will track the volume of product in each stage and highlight where to prioritise efforts, in order to get product enriched and live for sale.

5) BigCommerce Connector

Pimberly have developed a "connector" which bridges the gap between Pimberly and your eCommerce system, BigCommerce. The connector is available as a standard feature of the Pimberly architecture, therefore making the integration between both platforms simple and easy to achieve.

Feeding any updates to your product data within Pimberly, the BigCommerce Connector has the ability to create and update your full product catalogue within BigCommerce in near real time. This includes the management of Categorisation, Variant Options, Imagery & Custom Fields – on top of the standard BigCommerce product data fields.

If you have multiple BigCommerce stores to accommodate different localisations or brands, Pimberly allows you to have one central hub for managing of all of your product data. You can utilise BigCommerce Connector(s) to integrate your single source of truth (Pimberly) to each of your disparate BigCommerce stores, avoiding duplication of effort for your team.

Case Studies

How Gill Marine drive their eCommerce success with BigCommerce and Pimberly

Gill sails ahead of the pack with great product data fuelling its global expansion

Gill is the world's leading marine apparel brand trusted by the most extreme adventurers on the planet. Founded in 1975 in Nottingham UK by Nick Gill, an avid sailor who wanted to develop the world's best performing and most comfortable marine clothing.

Gill has grown rapidly to provide technical clothing for the most demanding conditions now sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

How Westcoast take back control of their product information with Pimberly

Westcoast take control of their product data to expand their ever growing product range

Westcoast have been operational for 35+ years and have 2.5 billion revenue. Based in the UK, the company's distributor arm, Westcoast Limited, is a well-known dealer of major IT brands to office product merchants and retailers throughout the UK and further afield. This includes high-profile brands like Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, as well as Hewlett-Packard-Enterprise.

Today, the company employs 1600+ individuals throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. It has gained a reputation as being one of the most efficient and trustworthy IT vendors throughout these territories.

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