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About the app

About the app

Give your BigCommerce platform a competitive edge with great product information and Pimcore PIM. The BigCommerce interface for Pimcore is developed and maintained by Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH, Gold Partner of Pimcore and Preferred Agency Partner of BigCommerce.

Outstanding user experience through product information

Pimcore is well recognized by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester and used in more than 100,000 companies in 56 countries. Pimcore is your hub for product information and digital assets. A user-friendly interface and powerful tools make the maintenance of many thousands of products easy. Validations, flows and automations ensure efficiency and quality of your product information management and avoid abandoned purchases on your BigCommerce platform due to missing or contradictory information. Pimcore is open source. Benefit from the best TCO with the freedom to adapt Pimcore to your requirements and needs.

More than one interface

Blackbit's BigCommerce interface for Pimcore consists of two parts: Data Director and Data Director Bundle for BigCommerce. The Data Director for Pimcore is a low code, no code interface development environment with which any system can be connected to Pimcore. The Data Director for Pimcore is used more than a hundred times by leading companies and agencies worldwide. The Data Director Bundle for BigCommerce extends itself in BigCommerce by specific templates and functions that make connecting Pimcore to BigCommerce child's play. Having BigCommerce interface for Pimcore from Blackbit, you will get a powerful tool which you can connect to BigCommerce shop having Pimcore. Inaddition, the included Data Director shoots the full potential of the Pimcore platform. Get informed now and stay ahead of the competition with internationally recognized tools and best practices for product information and digital commerce.

Pimcore Integrates

The integration of different products into one solution reduces the number of required interfaces and thus enables the smooth flow of business-critical information through companies and processes along the value chains. At the same time, Pimcore does not refuse to integrate with other solutions such as CRM and ERP systems. The extensive APIs are based on open standards and Pimcore itself is based on the leading PHP framework Symfony. Thus, Pimcore offers the highest flexibility, because it is "developer-friendly" and open to connecting with other systems.

App Features

PIM to BigCommerce Bundle allows you:
  • Easy configuration & setup
  • Simplified way to push product information from Pimcore to BigCommerce
  • Predefined BigCommerce data and templates for export and mapping
  • Process manager for regular synchronizations and visualiziation
  • Easy import of your products (categories, assets, links, etc) by simple clicking of mapping PIM structure with BigCommerce structure
  • Support for variants and options

Case Studies

Blackbit references

Our solutions in the areas of strategy, web development, app development, mobile, social media and online marketing are as unique and extraordinary as our customers. In our portfolio you will gain insight into the variety of Blackbit projects. Whether corporate website, website relaunch, content marketing or app, our agency will gladly develop new digital projects for your company.

EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Case Study of Integrated solutions based on BigCommerce and Pimcore combination.

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  • Custom Price:
    from 2,999 $


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