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About the app

Deliver customer value from better data management with integrating your BigCommerce store with Pimcore. The Pimcore connector for BigCommerce is a premium extension developed, maintained and supported by Hamari Agency, a gold Pimcore Partner.

PIMCORE enables companies to own their digital world

Pimcore offers a powerful, integrated data management and experience management platform allowing your different teams including sales, marketing, operations and other teams to act together enabling your business to grow efficiently. Pimcore acts as your single source of truth for your product information together with a powerful digital asset management solution for your images, videos and other media. Pimcore's open source edition is continuously developed by a community of developers across the world with more than 300 active contributors.

Connect and Synchronise your data with BigCommerce

The Pimcore App for BigCommerce allows you to easily feed high-quality product information from your PIM directly to your BigCommerce storefront with a click of a button. This will allow you to improve your customer experience, reducing returns and improving conversions. This powerful plugin will allow you to easily connect with BigCommerce without overloading your IT Team.

App Features

Product Information Management (PIM) Sync

With a web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag & drop operations, Pimcore makes working with product information more efficient. Use this app to sync your BigCommerce product data and take full advantage of the PIM.

Web-to-print Print Publishing

Pimcore's database publishing functionalities revolutionize traditional print processes for creating B2B and B2C product catalogs, price sheets, and personalized marketing and sales collateral. Sync your products with the app, then create your product catalogs in Pimcore.

File Management Sync

Organize and store your files in a structured way with a robust central repository for your digital assets and metadata. Keep your BigCommerce assets organised and synced.

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