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About the app

About PixelCap

PixelCap gives flexibility for adding multiple Facebook pixels with accurate event tracking.

PixelCap allows precision with your Facebook Pixel by allowing you to assign a pixel to specific groups of categories or products.

Setting up

With minimal configuration, merchants can easily install multiple Facebook pixels with no coding or technical knowledge involved.


PixelCap will allow you to segment your pixel tracking data by niche:

  • Assign to one or many categories
  • Assign to one or many products
  • Assign to fire on all pages

The Importance of having multiple pixels.

  • Hyper focused tracking objectives (e.g the promotion of one major product for a single ad campaign)
  • Having a pixel backup pixel if anything goes wrong.
  • Many merchants have multiple agencies working on their campaigns - Multiple pixels allows these actions to be separated.

We currently support the following events:

  • AddToCart
  • Purchase
  • ViewContent
  • ViewPage
  • Initialize Checkout

App Features

Multiple Facebook Pixels

PixelCap allows multiple Facebook tracking pixels on your store. This gives you the flexibility to create separate pixels for different marketing objectives.

Assign a pixel to multiple categories

We understand that stores use a tracking pixel with a particular objective in mind. PixelCap allows your pixel to be assigned to a specific amount of categories. This means that you only get the specific tracking data that you want for a marketing campaign.

Assign a pixel to one or many products

If your Facebook ad campaign if focused entirely on one or many products, PixelCap allows this precise tracking to occur. When enabled, you will only receive tracking information in relation to a specific product or products. This gives the exact tracking information required for more accurate marketing campaigns.

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  • Custom Price:
    7 day FREE trial - $12.99 / month for unlimited pixels


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