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About the app

printQ Store Connector (printQ software needed)

Let us show you how to automate your order process and enable you to sell more print online. This small tweak will help you reach those customers that like to shop with their keyboard.

Our technology will intuitively walk your customers through the buying journey - from start to checkout - and enable you to run a lights-out operation.

Join our more than 300 customers globally, and start selling more print online.

App Features

Parametric Packaging
  • Price calculation in real time, so as parameters (like size) change, so does the price
  • 3D viewer animates the design so it can be seen from all angles and act as a real-time proof. Users can take screen clips from the 3D viewer and share with colleagues
  • Downloadable 2D die line includes everything a designer needs like cut lines, fold lines, bleeds, non print areas, and more
  • Matching the material chosen to the design shows a more accurate representation of the final product
  • Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add logos and images
  • Rotating canvas means there is no requirement to work upside down
  • Images can easily be placed on flaps, panels and overlap corners
  • When moving an overlapping image, the system automatically duplicates the image and places it in the correct position
Price Calculation

Choose from our multiple pricing options to get quotes into your customers' hands sooner:

  • Upload your fixed price list
  • Use our dynamic pricing
  • Combine your fixed price list with dynamic pricing
  • Configure your own pricing calculation directly into the system

To set up your fixed price list, simply export it from your MIS system and import into printQ. This can be done automatically and on a regular basis: every day or every month - whatever you choose.

Alternatively, use our dynamic price calculation, where it's easier to make changes to pricing without having to upload a new price list every time a price changes.

With our dynamic price calculation, the customer chooses their options i.e. quantity, paper size, paper weight, etc. The final price is calculated automatically.

Alternately, combine your fixed price list – for prices that don't change, and then add dynamic pricing for the materials – where the prices do change together you get the best of both worlds.

If this doesn't work, you can configure your own pricing calculation directly into the system.

Upload and Print

Your customers can now configure their own job and will love getting their quote in real time, and before they generate the print ready file.

Plus basic questions like binding versus saddle stitch are part of the recommendations process so you don't have to get involved

This means the time you would usually spend quoting projects and answering basic questions can now be devoted to driving revenue.

They start by:

  • Choosing from the pre-configured choices like paper, colors and more
  • Using the guide to help them choose the best finishing options, like saddle stitch versus binding for brochures or gluing options for packaging
  • Letting the system automatically calculate the price based on the options they chose, in real time
  • Doing a quality check using the realistic viewer for proofing purposes and before the print ready pdf is generated
Powerful Editors incl. Variable Data print

Your customer will love the flexibility of choosing to work with a blank canvas or select a template to guide them through their design project.

They start by

  • Choosing the way they want to work— a blank page or a template
  • Add or modify text, images, shapes, backgrounds and much more
  • Using the built-in rules to automatically highlight trouble areas like lighting, contrast and the image resolution
  • Adding embellishments, line spacing, image effects and much more
  • Doing a quality check using the realistic 3D viewer for proofing purposes and before the print ready pdf is generated
A lot more
  • Embellishment definitions
  • print ready PDF generation
  • Corporate Identity editors
  • Mass Personalization
  • Template Gallery -> We have designs you can sell from day 1
  • Automatic image conversion to vector (SVG)
  • Large format Editors
  • and much more

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
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