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About the app

Product badges drive customer attention to key selling features that can sway purchase decisions. This helps to improve conversions and boost sales. Badges are a powerful tool deployed extensively by leading online stores including Amazon.

The Supr app enables BigCommerce merchants to display elegant badges having powerful targeting all with a few clicks.

100,000+ Built-in Icons

Pick any icon from the library without worrying about licensing. The badges also support the inserting of emojis.

Boost Conversions

Badges highlight key selling features, social proof, scarcity, deals, new arrivals, bestsellers, exclusive items, shipping promotions etc to trigger higher conversions.

Personalize Design

Customize the shape, color, and size to stylize the badges as per your requirements. No design experience required.

Flexible Targeting

Setup badge display conditions based on the product and page attributes. Combine more than one condition to display badges only on specific products.

Dynamic Data Fields

Display live product data such as inventory, sale percentage, etc as part of badge text.

Multiple Badges

Show more than one badge, on products that fulfill the display rules.

Image Badges

Instead of creating badges by providing the display text you can simply upload your own images.

Labels in any Language

Display badge text in any language of your preference.

Schedule Visibility

Specify the start and end time for displaying the badges. Run time-bound promotions with confidence.

Badge Links & Tooltips

Specify extra information by showing a message on mouse hover or by redirecting badge clicks to an internal or external link.

Geo-target Badges

Add country restriction to display badges based on customer location.

Setup & Forget

Once setup, the app takes over and displays the badges as per your conditions.

Fast & Easy

The badges are displayed asynchronously to ensure they do not slow down your store.

Badges are also called as labels, stickers, tags, markers and even icons in different contexts.

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App Features

Unlimited Badges

Create as many badges as you want

Display Conditions

Show badges based on a combination of product, store, page and customer attributes.

Dynamic Data

The badges can show real-time product information such as inventory and sale amount.

Customize Style

Customize the badge colors, size and shape to ensure they blend in your theme.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $7.99/mo.


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