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Allow your customers to purchase multiple variations of a Product in different quantities from a single Product Page with the Product Option Grid. It displays your Product Options in a Grid format, so your customers can enter purchase quantities for each specific Option combination, and add all Products to the Cart at once.

For example, if you are selling a T-Shirt that has a Color Option (Red, Yellow, Blue) and a Size Option (Small, Medium, Large), the Product Option Grid will split the Color Option into rows, and Sizes into columns. A customer can order any number of each Option Combination all at once from the same Product Page, rather than needing to order each Option combination individually.


  • Perfect for bulk or wholesale ordering
  • Great for Products with options like Color, Size, or 'tiered' options


  • Allows Customers to add multiple Products to the Cart at one time
  • Consolidate Product listings and cut down on Product database management
  • Control which products this feature appears on
  • Suitable for Products with either One Option or Two Options. Additional customization may be required for Products with more than Two Options.
  • Leverages your existing BigCommerce Product Options
  • Works with existing Option Pricing and Image Rules


  • Quick Installation (3-5 Business Days)
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile-Friendly
  • Works on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint)
  • Added by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

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