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About the app

eKomi is the leading third-party review service, specializing in the collection, management and publishing of seller and product ratings for businesses. Thanks to our constant innovation and market-leading technology, we offer the most flexible review generation methods, allowing you to reach all of your clients, both online and offline to request their feedback.

The more ratings you get for your business, the more traffic you drive to your site, the more trust you create among current and potential clients, and the more you will boost your sales and ROI.

The eKomi product review container allows businesses to easily integrate eKomi Reviews and ratings onto your website. Product reviews collected for individual products will be automatically displayed on the relevant product pages in our container.

Before installing and activating your plugin, please contact support@ekomi.de, this is necessary to ensure everything has been set up correctly and activated from eKomi's side.

If you have any questions regarding the plugin, please get in touch! Email us at support@ekomi.de, call us on +1 844-356-6487, or fill out our contact form.

App Features

​Key features of Product Review Container:
  • Total number of Product Reviews
  • Product Reviews average star rating
  • A list of reviews and star ratings with pagination and sorting options
  • Display Rich Snippets on Google Organic results thanks to our inbuilt Rating schema
  • The parent /child review display

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
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