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About the app

Make bulk ordering quick and easy! Allow your customers to buy multiple product variants in different quantities from a single product page. We show product variants in tabular form with showing the image, product options like Size and color, price, quantity and add to cart button. Customers can add quantity for the products which he/she want to buy then click on Add all to Cart so it will add all the products with a single click. It will save the customer's time and also increase your sale.

For Example, if you are selling T-Shirts then you have different color options ( Red, Blue, White, Black ) and different size ( S, M, L, XL ) options. Our app will show all these product options in the tabular form with quantity box for each product options so you can buy 3 colors T-Shirt with a single click. You just need to add the quantity for the products which you want to buy then click Add to all Cart button.

App useful for stores likes,

  • Perfect for wholesale stores for bulk ordering.
  • Apparel and other type of stores which have color and size options.
  • Very helpful for the stores which have many products options in single product page.


  • Leverages your existing BigCommerce Product Options, including Option Pricing and Image Rules. Bulk Pricing and other discount rules are supported too.
  • Store admin controls on which products this feature appears on.
  • Customizable variant table template and messages as per store's current theme.
  • Filters and pagination included for a bunch of variants that helps to find any variant easily.


  • Quick installation. You just have to follow the steps for installing the app. We provide free app installation service also. You can contact us.
  • Fully responsive and Mobile friendly.
  • Works on all BigCommerce themes ( Blueprint and Stencil ).
Product Variants in Table App Demo:


We provide free service for app installation and configuration on your store. Please contact us.

[NEW] Now, Product Variants in Table Application will work for products which have modifiers and variants both or only variants.

App Features

Product Variants App in Table Features
  • Customers can select which product variant(s) they want to purchase, enter the quantity of each variant, and click Add to Cart to place all product variants and quantities into their shopping cart at once.
  • Each variant will have its own table row, along with a quantity field and price.
  • Multiple Settings Options Available in App Admin.
  • If you are using third party theme or you have customize the "Default Cornerstone" theme and facing any issue for setup our app on your store then we will provide free service to setup and configure our app nicely on your store.
Speed up the Order Process
  • Quick Add to Cart Creates Positive Online Shopping Experience for Customers.
  • For customers who know what they need or regular reordering products, this application seriously cuts down the shopping time, providing a quicker and more convenient experience.
Perfect For Wholesale/Bulk Ordering Store

This convenient table format makes wholesale ordering easier by letting users input the quantity for variations they need to buy from a single page.

Newly added very useful features for Customers
  • Design your own variant table that looks same like store's current theme
  • Variant option filters, search bar, pagination, quick variant view and many other that helps your customers to easily find any variant, view them and add them to cart immediately.
  • Now, app allows using bulk pricing rules, sale pricing and any other discount rules within variant table.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $15.00/mo.


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