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About the app

ProveSource is a social proof app that shows live sales popup notifications to get more sales, get higher conversions with less work!

What's Social Proof?

Sales popups, reviews and notifications make your store authentic, it shows that you have buyers that trust you and it makes your store busy and attractive.

It lets consumers see in real-time what others purchased and creates FOMO and urgency.

If you're not yet a big brand, some visitors might hesitate to buy from you and lead to cart abandonment - sales notifications builds trust with your visitors by showing them real sales popups.

Why Social Proof & fomo?

  • Increase conversions by showing off recent orders, social proof and sales pop-up notifications
  • Instant social proof that builds trust, credibility and confidence with your visitors - let them know they are not alone and your store is busy
  • If you don't have many sales you can still show the number of visitors or product and page views to let your customers sell for you

How it works?

ProveSource automatically connects to your BigCommerce store and tracks recent sales to start displaying sales popup notifications & social proof right away.

This in turn converts more traffic - just by sharing details of other purchases and sales.

ProveSource is a social proof and fomo app that displays recent sales order notifications, page visits and live traffic count. The sales popup also redirects your customers to the purchased products to create an upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

World Class Customer Support

Our support team is the best in class - we're here to make sure you convert more and be successful

Great Alternative to Sales Pop, Fomo, Bizzy, Nudgify, Fera (Banana Stand), Credible, Recently, Show Recent Orders | Sales Pop, Consistent Cart, Nextsale, Yotpo, and other social proof & fomo apps.

App Features

Customizable, Beautiful Design

customize your social proof to fit your brand, style and website:

  • Position
  • Timing / Schedule
  • Colors and Fonts
  • Images
  • and more
Analytics and Goals

Track your conversion goals and ROI to see how social proof impacts your bottom line.

Mobile Ready

Optimized for both desktop and mobile, clean and aesthetic design.

Fully Localized and Translated

With over 25+ languages supported, you can show social proof notifications in your customers' native language.

Social Proof Notifications
  • Show recent sales/orders popup notification
  • Show number of recent page visitors, conversions and more
  • Show recent reviews from your business pages like Google, Facebook, Capterra, and more
  • Show social media followers, likes and subscriber counters

Customer Reviews

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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