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Allow registered and approved customers to make a purchase from your BigCommerce site by Purchase Order (PO). You can offer the Payment Method to all customers or restrict it to the Customer Groups you choose. Customers can input a PO Number at Checkout.

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  • Offer a Purchase Order Payment Method
  • Cater to B2B or Wholesale customers
  • Allow regular customers to pay on terms you negotiate


  • Only approved Customer Groups have access to "Pay by PO"
  • comment
  • Customer can enter their PO Number in the Checkout
  • No changes necessary to other Checkout Payment or Shipping options or to Checkout Settings
  • Leverages comment field to create field for Purchase Order number


  • Quick Installation (1-3 Business Days)
  • Fully Responsive / Mobile-Friendly
  • Works on ALL BigCommerce Themes (Stencil & Blueprint)
  • Added by an Expert BigCommerce Developer

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