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  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/mo.

About the app

The Purchase Order Module of the Ebizio Checkout app will allow your customers to seamlessly place a Purchase Order directly through your Bigcommerce site. Pair with the Customer Group Payment Rules Module to limit Purchase Order access to only pre-approved customers.

Application Features

Create custom fields on a Purchase Order payment method to collect additional information from your customer during the checkout process. Most common configurations will collect information like a PO Number, Account Manager, Date Receivable, etc, but you will be able to create any unique configuration based on your business requirements

You will be able to view this information on the order record in the BigCommerce dashboard, and process the order and payment according to existing protocols.

Grow your online B2B business and enable your customers to place their Purchase Orders directly through your website with the Purchase Order Module of the Ebizio Checkout for Bigcommerce.


Click the "Installation Guide" link in the right-hand column for instructions.

The Purchase Order Module is part of the Ebizio Checkout. You will be prompted to install the Ebizio Checkout App, and then will need to subscribe to this module.

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App Features

Enable PO Payment Methods

Enable Purchase Ordering by enabling customers to pay for their orders at a later date.

Collect PO Number at Checkout

Customers can now enter Purchase Order Number as part of the Checkout process.


Create custom fields and collect information to fit your business' needs.

Streamlined Process

Save your sales and fulfillment teams time by streamlining the ordering process.


Fully PCI Compliant integration with the BigCommerce checkout.

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  • Recurring Fee: $79.99/mo.


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