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About the app

On average, only 2.35% of your store traffic converts into a paying customer. The rest of your store visitors tend to walk away. PushOwl gives you the opportunity to turn these one-time visitors into subscribers using web push notifications.

Web push notifications are crisp, visual messages, capturing your subscribers' attention and bringing them back to your e-commerce store to shop.

Here's what you can do with PushOwl:

  • Build a subscriber list
  • Send instant and high-visible marketing campaigns
  • Send flash sales to drive instant revenue
  • Set up automated welcome notifications
  • Increase customer retention

Grow your business and amplify your marketing efforts with web push notifications.

App Features

Turn one-time store visitors into customers

Leverage the traffic that lands on your online store! Set up PushOwl and turn visitors into subscribers who you can later market to and convert into paying customers.

Send revenue-generating promotions

Send promotions about your products, collections, and discounts to your subscribers, bringing them back to your store and effectively increasing sales.

Automated welcome sequences

Set up a sequence of engaging welcome notifications to provide a great first impression. Through these notifications, you can build a relationship with your customers, letting them know about an exclusive discount or even introducing your loyalty program.

Time-sensitive flash sale campaigns

When running a weekend sale or a BFCM campaign, you need to inform your customers as soon as the sale is live. With web push notifications, you can engage your subscribers instantly and ensure they don't receive expired promotions after your sale ends, providing a positive experience.

Complement your email and SMS strategy

Short, highly-visible, and instant, web push notifications are becoming the preferred way for consumers to stay updated about your brand. Whether it's the launch of a new collection on your store or a limited-time discount, amplify your marketing with PushOwl!

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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