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About the app

What is Putler?

Putler is a simple multi-channel analytics and insights tool that provides you in-depth reports on Products, Customers, Orders, Website traffic, Sales in one place. Along with reports, Putler also provides growth features like forecasting, goal tracking, infinite segmentation, custom segments, filtering and a lot more.

How does Putler work?

Putler pulls in data from single/multiple BigCommerce store(s), cleans, de-dupes it and provides you enriched reports covering all major aspects of your online business. You can use these reports and insights to make critical decisions quickly and with the utmost confidence.

Key Benefits of using Putler

  • Detailed analytics on Products, Customers, Orders, Sales, Website traffic
  • Multistore reporting - connect as many stores/ data sources as you wish.
  • Handles multiple currencies and does automatic currency rate conversion
  • Intuitive drilldowns for better data filtering.
  • Unlimited segmentation based on customers, shopping behavior, location, pricing etc.
  • Custom segment creation based on multiple parameters.
  • Enriched customer profiles, customer purchase history analysis
  • Sales heatmap, top products, 80-20 analysis, frequently bought product trends
  • SaaS metrics - churn, MRR, LTV etc.
  • Planning tools: forecasting and revenue goal setting
  • Operations features: issue refunds and manage subscriptions
  • Team sharing/ teams access.
  • Growth insights based on personalized data

App Features

Analytics as you need it - real-time, clear and useful
  • No-nonsense KPI's - Putler provides only the most essential e-commerce metrics as well as SaaS that are necessary to grow your business. It has over 153+ metrics you can rely on.
  • Decisional trends - Identify macro & micro trends in your business & take crucial decisions based on customers, products, sales, marketing and inventory quickly.
Get multistore, multichannel reporting in one place
  • Multichannel reports - Not just BigCommerce, Putler integrates with 17+ major platforms like PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Shopify, Google Analytics and many more. Using Putler, you can get a birds eye view of what is happening in your business at all times.
  • Multistore reporting - If you have multiple stores, you can connect all your stores under one Putler account and view both - consolidated reports from all stores in one place or switch to each store and view independent reports from each. You can monitor all your multiple stores within Putler and save a ton of time and energy.
Powerful accounts consolidation, de-duping, automatic multi-currency conversion
  • Instant aggregation - Consolidate multiple stores, Google Analytics and other platforms - payment gateways, e-commerce systems within seconds.
  • Automatic data deduplication -Putler removes duplicate data and provides accurate consolidated and independent reports for all your data sources.
  • Automatic conversions - It automatically take care of currency and time zone conversions
  • Custom integrations - If your data source is not directly linked within Putler, you can pull in data from such data sources by using the inbound API


Get answers to all your everyday questions, instantly

Stay free from errors with Putler's unified reporting. In-depth seven dashboards and metrics to dig deeper:

  • Sales- When is the best time to run an offer? How many orders were placed? How many refunds were asked?.
  • Products- Which are the best/worst sellers? Which items are frequently bought together? How frequent are the sales of a particular product? What's the refund rate?
  • Customers- Who are my top paying customers? How many new vs returning customers? Which customers are about to churn?
  • Transactions- How much fees do I pay to my payment gateway? How much taxes? How many disputes are pending?
  • Audience- Which channel gets me the most visitors? Which keywords is my site ranking for? What's my bounce rate?
  • Forecasting - What's the monthly revenue forecast? How many customers did I retain? *Insights - Which Holiday season performed better? Which store performed better?
Go beyond business reporting - Manage transaction, forecast, track goals, segmentation, profile enrichment
  • Search for anything instantly - orders, customers, transactions, products
  • Get accurate forecasts - revenue, costumes and monthly revenue goals.
  • Bring your entire team to Putler - Share data and reports with your entire team.
  • Understand your customers easily - Pulter provides you enriched customer profiles for better understanding- demographics, social details, recent activity...
  • Customer segmentation and targeted emails - Putler performs Automatic RFM customer segmentation based on purchase behaviour for tailored email marketing-loyal customers, at-risk customers, lost customers, etc.
  • Instantly export all key reports - Export list via CSV and use it to send out targeted emails, accounting, marketing analysis

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $20.00/mo.


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