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Combining Fraud Protection + Checkout

Eye4fraud is known by its mission to protect online retailers from fraudulent transactions, now we are also revolutionizing the checkout experience and make sure your customers have a quick and easy way to complete the transaction, therefore increasing you revenue by capturing more good sales at the same time protecting you from fraudulent sales loses. We provide the industry's best checkout that works for any device and combined with our well-known industries best fraud detection that approves every last good order.

Convert more browsers into paying customers, resulting in less abandoned carts while not losing revenue to chargebacks.

App benefits:

  • Increase revenue by having a quick and easy checkout process.
  • Works on mobile, eliminates scrolling and amount of screens to go through, making it easy for you customers to buy on their phone.
  • Chargeback guarantee - saving BigCommerce sellers thousands of dollars in merchandise/shipping costs every year.
  • 100% Chargeback reimbursement, in the rare event of an approval error, we guarantee the order and put our problem-solving skills to the test to relieve your issue.
  • High-level security and encryption – we are PCI DSS Level I certified.
  • Increase revenue we have a highest approval rate in the industry, on orders that we review. You know you can trust us to detect fraudulent activity on your website. We genuinely care about providing an incredible, money-saving service, and take personal responsibility and satisfaction in being great at what we do.


We Offer very competitive pricing for BigCommerce sellers; our pricing is based on volume and risk assessment. Please contact us today for a custom quote,

Please Note:

An account is required to activate the app. Please contact to create an account, our expert integration team will guide you through the rest of the integration process.

App Features

Dedicated Account manager

eye4fraud is known for its legendary customer service, get a dedicated account manager and reach him/her on their cell phone any time of day or night, should you required assistance with you service.

Best Fraud protection

eye4fraud uses the latest in machine learning and AI to protect and detected any fraudlent activity on your website.

Simple and easy checkout

Our checkout has a unique and simple user interface, makes it easy and simple for your customers to check out, they will the love the simplicity they will come back for more.

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  • Custom Price:
    Custom pricing - Contact us for price

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