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About the app

In-Store Recommendation engine Powered by Correlated Cross-Occurrence (CCO) machine learning algorithm. Smart cross-sell and upsell on any pages: homepage, category page, product detail page, shopping cart, during checkout, thank you page, order detail page, or any custom pages.

  • Smart AI auto-recommendation will generate personalized upsell and cross sell product recommendation for your customers based on store sales history and customers behavior. Showcase the products your shoppers are most likely to buy.
    • Engage and convert shoppers on your ECommerce store. Our recommendation engine helps merchant to generate extra sales on your ecommerce store. Our recommendation engine powered by AI will
    • Track your customer behavior
    • Analyze & Learn customer interest on your store
    • Auto product recommendation to increase sales for your store
This app is one of the most flexible app that allows you to place the cross-sell/upsell widgets anywhere on any pages. Want to have shopping cart recommendation? No problem. Want to place the widget on the side? or just above the checkout page? No problem. Just copy one line of code snippet and place it anywhere on your page.

The app also provides advanced analytic feature, which you can use to learn more about how each recommendation widget performs and make adjustment accordingly.

App Features

Product Reccommendation

Recommend products to shoppers based on purchase history or recently view products

Cross Sell

Cross sell recommendation based on frequently bought together products

Last Step Upsell

Recommend products at the last step check out at the shopping cart

Smart Auto Recommendation

Customer who bought this product also bought these products.

Trending / Popular Products

Display popular products based on the store wide sales behavior, or products with similar attributes.

The following popularity ranking are supported:

  • Transaction / Number of Times Sold
  • Quantity Sold
  • Revenue
  • Number of Unique Customer Purchase

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $25.00/mo.


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