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About the app

Refer a Friend software with Annex Cloud strategically grows email and customer acquisition channels and expands your customer base from your loyal customer community.

Benefits of Refer a Friend with Annex Cloud

  • Referral Marketing helps efficiently expand your customer base at minimal cost.
  • Referred customers have on average 25% higher lifetime value than other customers.
  • Referral Marketing creates a way to increase overall customer engagement with your brand.
  • Comprehensive analytics and integrations with third-party tools makes it easy to build and test referral marketing campaigns to grow engagement and referral numbers.

App Features

Complete Customization

Customize every aspect of your referral program from calls to action to rewards and design. Your referral program will always reflect your brand and we work to ensure your customers never know Annex Cloud is there.

Fraud Prevention

A four-layered security protocol offers peace of mind that your referral system is always safe. Cookie based-fraud prevention, personal data-based fraud prevention, IP address-based fraud prevention, and abnormal activity-based fraud prevention ensure you can catch and stop any fraudulent referral activity quickly. You can also set up custom rules to automatically block users or create exclusion lists for customers or brand ambassadors who may drive an unusual number of referrals.

Native Customer Loyalty Program Integration

Native loyalty program integration makes it easy to reward referrals with customer loyalty points. Tying your programs together enhances your customers' experience and boosts participation in both programs, simultaneously driving higher acquisition and retention rates.

Built-In A/B Testing

A/B testing is natively built into your referral program allowing you to efficiently test different user experiences, calls to action, and rewards to ensure your referral program is in peak performance.

Omni-Channel Referral Capability

Receipt based referrals, app integration, and referral packaging all facilitate complete omni-channel referrals so your customers can refer their friends whenever and wherever they want to.

Case Studies

SleekShop dramatically improves its Customer Loyalty Program

Sleekshop.com is the world's leading online source of exclusive, quality beauty products from classic, emerging and niche brands.


SleekShop is an online retailer for hair care products that worked with a different rewards provider for customer loyalty programs before coming to Annex Cloud. Khanh Nguyen, Digital Marketing Strategist at SleekShop, described their former program as outdated. "They weren't scalable or customizable. We kept hitting walls with what we wanted to do," he shared. SleekShop wanted to move away from their legacy solution and find something leveraging more modern techniques that could also be customized for their goals.

Download the Case Study to learn how Annex Cloud helped in dramatically improve its customer loyalty program.


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