• Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

About the app

Truly instant refunds. Happy customers. No risk. Only by Refundid.

Refundid provides instant refunds to customers as soon as they decide to return their goods, eliminating the lengthy wait time shoppers regularly experience.

Refundid's returns platform is simple to use and does not impact your current return procedures!

Declining returns happen, but don't worry, Refundid has you covered. Only accept returns received in satisfactory condition.

By increasing your customer's purchasing confidence and love for your brand, Refundid is engineered to increase your store's sales.

About The Refundid Solution

  • Truly Instant refunds - With Refundid your customers are guaranteed their refund within seconds of lodging their return.
  • From our pocket - We pay your customers their refund directly from our pocket. Only by Refundid.
  • Zero risk - Receive the items, review, inspect and only pay us back for items returned in a satisfactory condition.

How It Works / The Steps

  1. We pay your customers their refund in seconds
  2. Customers ship their returns back to your store
  3. Review the items before you pay us back

App Features

Instant Refunds

The Refundid BigCommerce app allows your customers to receive their refunds instantly, before sending back their return. The world-first refunding service is designed to improve your customer retention and confidence, increasing active customer numbers, basket sizes and conversions.


The Refundid app has functionality to automatically re-stock items that have been returned. This time saving feature means upon accepting a returned item, the restocking button will automatically update your inventory to account for the re-entering of the returned items.

Data Analytics and Customisation

Understanding your customers is the key to success. The Refundid BigCommerce app offers highly customised data analytic options for your store to understand your customer and their return patterns. Customised data collection on return reasons, daily returns and types of products returned can be visualised in the user friendly Refundid data analytics page.

Accepting and Declining Returns

The BigCommerce app has streamlined the process of accepting returns. Through the click of one button returns are accepted and repayment is handled by Refundid with no further work for your team. Furthermore, Refundid understands that returns can arrive in an unacceptable condition and offers functionality through the app to decline any returned item that does not abide by your return policy. The one button feature means Refundid places no risk of faulty returns on you meaning you only repay Refundid if a return is accepted.

Easy Integration

The Refundid BigCommerce portal allows merchants to accept, decline and view pending and archived returns externally processed by Refundid.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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