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About the app

Looking to extend your BigCommerce site to better service B2B and B2C clients? ROC for BigCommerce is the most cost-effective and fastest platform to deliver highly differentiated, best-in-class products, services, and e-commerce experiences on BigCommerce.

ROC for BigCommerce supports complex scenarios that require:

  • A large number of mission critical batch data integrations with ROC's job scheduler
  • Centralized monitoring of data flows, events, and API calls
  • Additional event triggers as workflows in different systems complete
  • Storefront development that needs access to BigCommerce's server-to-server API calls
  • A fast way to develop a consistent UI to access and manage data stored across multiple systems
It includes several "starter apps" adding functionality to your site right out of the box:
  • Tiered Organization Accounts: Organizations can have admins and users through Advanced Customer Management (ACM)
  • Address Book: Users can manage their own address book or organization sets an address book for all users.
  • Order History: Organization Admins are able to view the order history for their entire organization
  • Create/Edit/Delete Users: Organization Admins can manage users under their organization
  • Payment on Terms: Define which organizations can pay on terms
  • Quick Order: Upload a list of products for a custom quick order page for an organization
  • MAP Rules: Ability to hide prices based on MAP rules
  • Location Detection: Ability to understand where a website user is located.
  • Store Locator: Help customers find the nearest locations.

Once installed, the advantage of the ROC for BigCommerce app is growth and extensibility. As your storefront scales, so can the features within your ROC for BigCommerce app. Merchants can add new, advanced features over time, continuously improving the B2B ecommerce solution.

ROC for BigCommerce is a hosted, managed solution designed to extend BigCommerce's Enterprise plan. This app was created with feedback and guidance from the BigCommerce product development and leadership teams.

App Features

Orchestrate Your Integration

ROC for BigCommerce includes

  • Scheduled jobs
  • BigCommerce event listeners that can trigger actions that are logged and monitored with request/response details and success and failure rates
  • A proxy that enables storefront development to access to the server-to-server API
  • A UI toolkit to manage custom data from across disparate systems
Tiered Organization Accounts

Sellers can create Master accounts for their client Organizations and delegate sub-account management. Organizations can be configured to use a shared address book or allow shoppers to ship anywhere.

MAP Rules

Configure your storefront so that Organizations can pay on terms, with or without a PO Number.

Payment on Terms

Configure your storefront so that Organizations can pay on terms, with or without a PO Number.

Tackle Enterprise Scenarios

ROC for BigCommerce allows unlimited extensibility for a variety of enterprise scenarios:

  • Add support for real-time pricing from your ERP or implement custom pricing logic
  • Integrate organization and customer management workflows with back office systems
  • Use ROC's integration with Hawksearch for machine learning-driven product recommendations
  • Store extensible product metadata
  • Define and manage unique product relationship types such as cross-sell vs. up-sell.
  • Track closest warehouse, product availability, product restrictions, etc.
  • Retrieve real-time inventory across multiple locations and order it in terms of proximity to the buyer

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