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About the app

Roobot Overview

  • Empowering innovative retailers and brands with a white-labeled, AI-Driven Personal Shopper platform that rivals Amazon Alexa
  • Engaging customers in personalized conversations anytime and everywhere throughout their customer journey
Solving Retailer's Needs:
  • Personalization
    • Shopping Profiles – Deep profiles of each customer's needs and preferences
      • New Data – Enable retailers to collect and use social shopping data from Facebook and conversational commerce data across all channels
    • Unified CRM – Syncing "New Data" with existing CRM profiles
  • Product Recommendations
    • Deliver AI-powered, personalized product recommendations and loyalty offers for each customer
  • Marketing
    • Retargeting – Granular ad segments based on past shopping behavior Targeting
    • Predicted shopping intent based on machine learning applied to Roobot's training set of 10+ billion shopping events
  • Omni-Channel
    • Improve the retailer's existing customer experience by providing a voice/text-enabled Virtual Sales Associate
    • Delivers a personalized shopping experience anytime and anywhere they want to engage: o Website, App, Social Media, Personal Assistants/IoT, In-Store
  • 1-to-1 Customer Engagement Anytime/Anywhere
    • Automation – Natural language processing + AI delivers the automation to give retailers a true "Virtual Sales Associate" scalable to millions of customers
    • Virtual Sales Associate -> Engagement, loyalty, up/cross-selling -> Instant Shopping Gratification
  • Revenue Growth
    • New sales channels and customers
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Real time, data-driven, up/cross-selling
    • Increase Average Order Value and Revenue/Customer
    • Decrease cart abandonment via automated, real-time messaging/retargeting
  • Cost Savings
    • Significantly reduce development, capital investment and maintenance
    • Potential to reduce costs of human customer service
  • Performance-Based
    • To better align with retailer's goals:
      • Free Development
      • Low annual SaaS fee
      • Performance-based fees

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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