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RooBot is an AI & NLP platform that provides retailers with a turnkey, white-label "Personal Shopper Smartbot". RooBot's Smartbot and data platform empowers retail brands to easily deploy a fully customizable, AI-driven social commerce solution on Facebook. Our state-of-the-art data platform builds behavioral shopping profiles on each consumer, enabling retailers to deliver targeted product and deal notifications directly in Facebook with 80%+ view rates. Shopping profile data can also be utilized for global re-targeting campaigns across all major ad networks, including Facebook.

RooBot provides retailers with true 1:1 personalization for each shopper that is infinitely scalable, creating a low-cost, high ROI social commerce channel. RooBot turns Facebook into a powerful voice and text driven social shopping channel that retailers need right now to compete with technologies like Amazon Alexa.

In trials with 5,600 users, the RooBot Smartbot delivered the following one-month averages:

  • 69% of consumers interacted with the bot with product-related inquiries
  • 3.2 visits per user/per bot
  • 4.2 Product Searches per user (3x-4x higher than typical product search online)
  • 32% of users engaged more deeply in shopping activity with the Smartbot. (This is defined as either Viewing the Product, Setting Price Drop Alerts, Adding to Collections.)
  • AI + advanced targeting via Facebook resulting in near-100% view rates (6x–10x higher than regular email view-rates)

For consumers, RooBot delivers Instant Shopping Gratification to find the products they want, from the brands and retailers they love, at the price they need. Through RooBot's AI and Natural Language Processing technology, a personalized shopping experience is provided to consumers, which in turn drives engagement, repeat usage, brand loyalty, and sales.

Quickly build, customize, and launch your Smartbot on Facebook Messenger with the full functionality of our SaaS and performance based platform. RooBot's integration with Oracle Commerce Cloud is a simple application that requires no development work. Just install the RooBot app on Commerce Cloud using our prebuilt integration, upload your product feed, and deploy your "Personal Shopper Smartbot" to Facebook.

Download the RooBot App in the BigCommerce Marketplace today to build your Smartbot to quickly deploy on Facebook Messenger,

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