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  • Upfront Fee: $1800.00
  • Recurring Fee: $180.00/mo.

About the app

Modern Retail can seamlessly integrate your Runit point of sale system with your BigCommerce website. We'll work with you to install and configure the integration, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. Our dedicated implementation team will be attentive to your needs until the integration is done and you're happy!

  • Modern Retail is the leader in getting Runit integrated with your BigCommerce website. No one has more integrations across platforms than Modern Retail, not even close.
  • Modern Retail has the most advanced Runit integration, with sophisticated B2C features not available anywhere else.
  • Modern Retail owns and manages the entire integration, so there's nothing else to buy or install. Modern Retail is responsible for the entire integration, which is just the way we like it.

App Features

Elegant Onboarding

Modern Retail's Onboarding Center is a fast and intuitive way for you to monitor the integration process. See an itemized list of everything that needs to be done to finish your project, and keep in touch with our project managers so you can ask any questions you may have.

Admin Panel

Modern Retail's Admin Panel is your "one-stop" for all things related to the integration. It allows you to see how the integration is performing, submit support requests, run reports and much more.

Unlimited Support

We know you're busy running your company and probably don't have a PHD in programming. That's why all of Modern Retail's services include unlimited support. Simply submit a Support Request from our Admin Panel and one of our dedicated support representatives will attend to your every need.

Developer Friendly

We love working with agencies and developers because once they start using our integrations, they rarely use anything else! Need to write a mobile app or have special programming needs? No problem! You're welcome to use our Integration API, which is the same API regardless of the POS or ERP system your client is using. Yes, the possibilities are endless!

Extra Features

Modern Retail's CounterPoint Integration offers a variety of optional features, for both B2C and B2B merchants. Our integrations are customizable, so you can pick and choose which features you need. You can inquire about purchasing any of these modules during or after the integration process.

B2C Features

  • Curbside & In-Store Pickup
  • Local Delivery
  • Ship from Store

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  • Upfront Fee: $1800.00
  • Recurring Fee: $180.00/mo.


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