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About the app

Schedule your sales with confidence - No more hassle with setting up coupon codes - Set up your sale and forget about it!

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your sales with this highly anticipated App. Instantly create and schedule sales for 1 to 1000's of products. Select sale products by Brand, Category, Price, Product name or SKU wildcard. Limit the number of products you'll sell at a given price - and much more!

It's never been easier - select your products, set discounts or fixed prices, set the schedule on your calendar, and run. You can even run a "sale on-demand".

If you've been looking for the best way to manage your sales, this is the App for you!

Helpful Videos:

1) Let's create a Sale!

Creating your First Sale (below in the slideshow) - only ~2 minutes

2) Installing Sale Scheduler!

What happens after you click "Get This App" (below in the slideshow) - only ~2 minutes

App Features

Add products to Category

You can add your Sale products to any category, then Sale Scheduler will remove them automatically when the sale ends. Great for Daily sales when visitors can see all products on Sale.

Auto Repeat Sales

With our App, you can repeat sales Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You can even start a one-time sale on demand or based on a start date and time.

*New* Control Individual Sale Price for Product Variants/Options

Example: You sell shirts of 3 different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. With Sale Scheduler, you can set a sale on JUST Medium shirts - A highly sought after feature in BigCommerce! Set individual SKUs and Options within a product on Sale!

*New* Create sales from a CSV file (price list or product export from your store)

Allows you to create a sale by importing products from a CSV (comma separated value) file. This is a HUGE time saver and supports setting exact sale prices for products while providing full support for computed and rounded sale prices base on discount percent. Compatible with all the current features of your plan such as Category assignment and price strikethrough. NOTE: The number of products you can import will still be limited by the number of products/sale in your current plan, so please make sure you have enough products/sale to cover all products in your import file before purchasing this add-on.

*In the works* Control price sheet sales and Map pricing

We are working on a new feature to control sales for your price sheets. Additionally, we are also working to support MAP pricing in the near future.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $24.99/mo.


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