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About the app

Salesfire provides retailers with intelligent conversion rate optimisation solutions that maximise sales, boost AOV and drive revenue.

Optimising the most influential touchpoints of the customer journey, Salesfire's range of solutions allows you to enhance product discovery, deliver hyper-personalised experiences and convert more visitors into customers.

Trusted by leading brands for data, insights and conversion rate optimisation, you can seamlessly integrate your site through the Salesfire app and start improving your conversion rate optimisation strategy today.

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App Features

Digital Assistant

Offer your conversion rate tools in a single hub with Digital Assistant. Supporting the most influential areas of the customer journey, our campaigns work to inspire sales, increase AOV and prompt quicker conversions.


Triggered based on customer behaviour, Overlays deliver timed incentives and targeted messaging to re-inject customers into your sales funnel, working to reduce basket abandonment and drive sales.


Salesfire's Search empowers shoppers to find exactly what they're searching for, delivering fast and accurate results to direct customers through the product discovery journey, maximising on-site engagement and improving conversion rates.

Visually Similar Search

Deliver customers quickly and seamlessly to their ideal purchase. Optimising the user experience and inspiring product interaction and purchases, Visually Similar Search gives shoppers the power to search using imagery.


Enhance the product discovery experience with personalised product suggestions to inspire upsells, influence cross-sells and connect customers to their purchases faster, increasing AOV and influencing more sales.

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