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About the app

Salsify allows you to manage product data, content and other rich media assets to craft and deliver the consumer experience you want for any channel you sell through. You need to deliver product information that drives discovery, conversion and brand loyalty across the digital shelf. Salsify equips your team to deliver at the speed of commerce, with content continually optimized for performance using actionable, data-driven insights.

Salsify's product experience management platform combines the power of PIM and DAM capabilities, the industry's broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights. The PIM capabilities allow you to maintain a central source of product content alongside channel-specific versions of product content. DAM capabilities centralize and transform images, videos, and other files for use across your touch points. With channel-by-channel readiness, you can know in a glance if your product information is ready for publication. Workflows allow brands to manage cross-functional processes and monitor progress of teams' tasks. Salsify Insights drive workflow tasks that will measurably speed time to market and improve sales.

PIM Capabilities Built to Power Modern Commerce

Brands are required to publish content to many endpoints, beyond their own brand site. And every retailer has their own set of required data elements and formats. With Salsify you can update your central source of product content and those changes will automatically be reflected in your channel-specific content, saving time and energy.

App Features

Quick install

Instantly set up BigCommerce attributes in Salsify for managing and publishing product content.

Centrally manage product content in Salsify and publish to BigCommerce

Automatically configure a Salsify channel for publishing product content to your Direct-to-Consumer web store.

How prepared are you to go to market?

View a readiness report in Salsify that lets you measure how complete your product information is before publishing to your web store

Keep your Salsify attributes up to date

Refresh Salsify attributes as you add and remove attributes from BigCommerce

Publish to multiple BigCommerce stores from a single instance of Salsify

The Salsify-BigCommerce connector can be run from any of your BigCommerce web stores and connect back to one, centralized Salsify instance.

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