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About the app

In Europe, more than 3.000 brands online and 5.000 in-store, belonging to different industries, have chosen Scalapay as their preferred partner for deferred payments. Our main objective is to make the shopping and check-out experience unforgettable. International brands such as Shein and Calzedonia rely on our solution with the objective of increasing sales the average order value while delighting their customers thanks to a flexible and friction-less payment option.

By integrating Scalapay to BigCommerce you will increase the conversion rate and sales of your store and - most importantly - will build long-lasting customer loyalty. Would you like to speak to our team? Write us here

App Features

Scalapay offers a complete and innovative solution for deferred payments.

Boost your business thanks to a set of features aimed at improving the shopping experience, while easing your back-end work.

Pay in 3 or 4 instalments, interest-free

Scalapay boosts your sales by increasing your cart conversion rate by more than 11%

and your Average Order Value (AOV) by 48%

Dedicated Merchant Portal

Get access to a dedicated merchant portal to monitor transactions, returns and refunds

Brand Directory

List your shop in a merchant directory made by +3000 brands and benefit from more than 1.5 million monthly referrals generated by our website. Be part of our dedicated marketing activities and promote your brand

Highest approval rate without risk

We accept all major credit, debit and prepaid cards. Our technology allows us to have the highest acceptance rate in the industry, without neglecting security and compliance. Don't worry about fraud risk! We bear all risks related to that.

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