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About the app

Optimize your store with schema markup with no coding. In one easy step get better organic search performance resulting in more clicks and more sales.

What do we Optimize with Schema App for BigCommerce?

Schema Markup Optimization App optimizes the following in your store automatically:

  • Products
  • Product Options (including AggregateOffers)
  • Reviews BigCommerce (BazaarVoice available on request)
  • Blogs
  • Pages
  • Breadcrumb Lists

For all other pages including your home page, contact information, and services use the Schema App Editor (access included with this plugin) to create ANY schema markup. All types and properties are available to customize your schema markup. Our expert support team is also available to subscribers. Don't forget to book a 30-minute onboarding consult with our Customer Success Team.

App Features

Product Optimization

Optimize your products with detailed schema markup so that they are understood by Google and eligible to get a rich result in organic search. We include everything available - description, images, price, price options, dimensions, availability, and related reviews. Improve your rich results and stand out in search so you can get more organic traffic to your store.

Review Optimization

Review and rating schema markup optimizes product reviews and associates the reviews with your product. Reviews should always be tied to the product they are about, so that's how we do it. Review and rating optimization are awesome for organic search as it results in stars appearing in search results.

Google recommends review schema markup:

Blog Optimization

Optimize your blogs with schema markup so that Google can understand the content and present it to appropriate searchers.

Google recommends optimizing blogs:

Case Studies

Google Case Studies
The value of schema markup is often measured in an increase in click through rate when you get a rich result in search. The rich result often shows the price, images, and rating for products or other website content as described in Google's documentation found at: Most recently, Google released additional case studies on the value of schema markup, showing the value beyond an increase in click through rate. Here are the results from their three case studies:
  • Rakuten saw 2.7X more traffic from search engines and 1.5X increase in session duration.
  • Eventbrite saw a 100% increase in the typical year over year growth of traffic from Google Search to event listing pages, according to Google Analytics.
  • ZipRecruiter saw 3X higher conversion rate from Google than from other search engines, 4.5x higher Google organic conversion rate than it was previously, 10% lower bounce rate for Google visitors to job pages, and 35% more monthly organic non-branded traffic.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $45.00/mo.


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