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About the app

Search Booster is the best BigCommerce product filter - search app that helps shoppers to search & filter the right combination quickly. This app provides the perfect shopping experience with collections, Category, Brand, Price and also allows admin to customize background theme, launcher Icon, Search Input, and Search result fields.

App Features

Advanced & Customizable Search Filters

Search Booster add advance search filter on all page for the shopper to find there desired product result very quickly and easily.

- Multi-select filters

- Support vertical & horizontal filter menus.

- Different filters for different search Input

- Dynamic filter options of collections, vendors, product types, variants, price, stocks, shipping, and featured.

- Customizable filter options: Background theme, launcher icon, search Input and search result text.

Front-end Feature

- Launcher Icon: Launcher Icon is easy to set on the front-end with brand color, style, and text. Launcher Icon allows shoppers to redirect to the main filter.

- Advance Filter: Advanced filter is nothing but a dynamic filter that enhances searching functionalities on your store and helps shoppers to find their desired product result very quickly and easily. Shoppers can select options like collections, vendors, product types, variants, Price, stocks, shipping, and featured to get their specific product result.

Storefront Setting

If you want to enable -disable App on your store then you do it just using one click. There is an option in the App dashboard to enable-disable App setting. Go to Dashboard--> Storefront Setting.

Dashboard & Search Analytics

Dashboard and seach analytics is very easy to track all activities, total products available, total search hits, and search analytics based on weekly, monthly, and yearly filter

Easy Customisation

All customization options available to meet your style & brand objective. You can set & customize background theme, lancher Icon with color and text, search Input text, box hight, character limit and can also manage search results.

There is option in the search result tab to active - deactive setting of search result which will appear on the screen based on selection

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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