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About the app

Integrate your BigCommerce Store with Sears to Grow Your eCommerce Business. Sears Marketplace Integration Official Channel Partner involves integration of your BigCommerce

Automate inventory management, product listing and shipment related operations through Bigcommerce app, and offer your products to your targeted customers at


CedCommerce Laurels:

1) Official Sears Channel Integration Partner

2) 2000+ Sales Channel apps users, 300,000+ Orders Created, $10+ million G.M.V. sold (by CedCommerce and all within 9 months)

Advantages of Sears Marketplace Integration App:

With 130+ million active members, Sears is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces of U.S. and it's famous for high volume sales of large appliances. Some of the distinguishing features of Sears's marketplace are:

• 75+ million (and growing) members of Shop Your Way rewards program, who purchased GMV worth $2 billion in 2016 and have 10% higher AOV than nonmembers.

• Leverage all Sears group websites –,, and and 1000+ stores enable members to visit in-store so members can visit in-store and through web anywhere and anytime.

• Sears Marketplace's Deals platform is easy to use and allows sellers to participate in Sears promotions. We offer Criteo Paid Advertisements, which see increased sales and impressions for items.

• offers Criteo's powerful Private Markets Advertisement program where Sears Marketplace sellers get to measure results and see the direct online sales impact of their advertising with product-level attribution

Why us?

Besides Official Sears Integration partner and Thousands of happy customers, You get what you deserve – a personal Account Manager.

    The Personal account manager ensures:

  • You're familiar with App operations and processes.
  • You know how to activate API settings and connect your store with Sears
  • You get assistance during configuration setting, product critical data, product upload process

Start instant chat by adding our skype id: live:cedcommerce or live:support_35785.

App Features

1. Near real-time Synchronization:

Be it sales made , or any change made in the product information, inventory, order, all the changes are synchronized and reflected at in near real-time.

2. Auto Acknowledge order:

No need to be always available to accept orders, the app has auto acknowledge funcionality which accepts and fetches order to your stores even when you're not there.

3. Bulk Product Upload:

No need to upload the products individually, just select the products and upload them. Saves time and efforts.

4. Threshold Inventory:

Lets you define the minimum number of quantity for products – below this limit the status of the product is sent as out-of-stock. So no order is accepted whose fulfillment is not possible

5. Instant Notifications:

Updates Bigcommerce through notifications for every change – Product Stock Mail, Order Fetch Mail, Order Not Fetch Mail, Ship Order Mail - an email is sent.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free Trial: 7 Days, Starting from $25/month (Billed annualy) & Free upfront


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