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About the app is a Customer Data Platform designed to help you collect, clean, and control your customer data. BigCommerce has built a native integration into This integration will put your BigCommerce storefront shopper behavioral data into your Segment account. You will need to sign up for to use this solution.


  • If you are experiencing issues with your setup in your BigCommerce Control Panel, contact the BigCommerce Support Team.
  • If you aren't a user, contact the BigCommerce Support Team or your CSM and they'll schedule an introduction.

App Features

Send BigCommerce data into Segment

As shoppers visit your storefront, their visits, pageviews, and clicks are sent from BigCommerce to in real-time.

Use Segment to create a single, accurate view of each customer

Capture your customer's actions across touchpoints, channels, and/or platforms. Segment becomes a single source of truth across all teams.

Use Segment’s hundreds of integrations

Activate audiences in real-time using Segment's 300+ integrations

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