• Custom Price:
    No installation fee & no upfront cost & Free trial of 14 days with all features & starting from $349 / month

About the app

Why Segmentify?

  • Product Recommendations that Work: Segmentify tracks each individual visitor and offers product recommendations personalized for the visitor which results in increase in average order value, and helps you cross-sell & up-sell more.
  • Excellent Support from our Excellent Success Team: If you need any help our excellent Success Team and e-commerce consultants are always ready to help you and share their expertise to ensure you make the most out of Segmentify solutions.
  • Minimum IT Dependency. Super Easy Setup: Don't spend hours waiting for a reply from your IT Team All you need to do to start is just installing "Segmentify Recommendation" and you're all set to go with ready-to-use widgets.

Wide Range of Smart Algorithms

  • Smart Offers: This is exactly what it sounds like! Our smart algorithm constantly detects the most relevant products and categories for each visitor through machine learning.
  • Alternative Products: It's like telling your customers what would also look good on them based on real-time data. You can let your customers learn alternatives of current products they are checking.
  • Category Rocks: Our smart selection of top products for listing pages are an amazing way to lead first-time shoppers to a purchase, and encourage repeat purchases to your loyal customers.
  • Complementary Products: Best way to increase average order size is placing them on cart and thank-you pages. We find the best products that complement current cart.
  • New Arrivals: Let your visitors see new arrivals on any page and mix them with other algorithms for perfect balance of new & trending products.


Our success based pricing ( is calculated over additional sales generated by our recommendation widgets:

  • 14 days free trial with no upfront cost
  • Monthly fee is 5% of additional revenue generated by our recommendation widgets
  • Additional sales are counted only if a customer clicks a product from recommendation widgets and purchased this product in the same session

App Features

Boost Sales

Segmentify's AI based recommendation and personalization widgets will contribute to your sales.

Increase Conversion

Only 2 out of 100 visitors converted into actual customers on average. Increase your conversion and convert more visitors into customers.

Stop Losing Customers

It is very frustrating to lose potential customers you paid a lot on ads to acquire. Stop them bouncing with personalized recommendations.

Super-Easy Integration

Quick Set-Up. No IT team required. Easy to use self service panel

Customer Reviews

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  • Custom Price:
    No installation fee & no upfront cost & Free trial of 14 days with all features & starting from $349 / month


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